About GeekAshu

Hi there, I’m glad for your presence.

This page explains GeekAshu and what’s happening here on this website. Also how it is useful to you.

I’m not a ghost but before introducing myself I want you to know our brand/organization/company.

What is GeekAshu? How We Help You?

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GeekAshu/GeekAshuTech is the place where you can find information about computers like desktops, laptops, gaming PCs, Peripherals, accessories, etc. Our guides (info, buying, troubleshooting) will help you to make the right decision at the right time.

For example, if you want to know the history of a laptop, we have it in the info guide of the laptop. And when you want to buy a new Laptop, it comes under the buying guide.

We started not too long like in the 1990s or before. So we just discuss computers now and in the coming days, we are going to expand our knowledge of technology.

About the Founder

narayana settypalli

I’m Narayana Settypalli (Founder of GeekAshu).

I started this website (GeekAshu) in 2021. Since then it has been serving millions of readers like you. I’m sure the count will get higher when I apply my thoughts here.

I’m not an expert in many things but one thing I’m good at is technology. Computers are my favorite among any other tech.

Want to find out more about me? You can go through my About page.

Why Do You Trust GeekAshu?

I’m an unknown guy and this is the random page on the internet. So, why should you trust us?

We are using Desktop PCs, Laptops, accessories, etc. So, obviously, we face problems while using this technology.

How We Review & Analyse?

Whenever we have a problem with the computers, we use the following actions to find and fix the issue.


First, if a problem occurs to a computer, we observe why the problem occurs and its causes.


Then we research the knowledge to solve the issue. This part plays a key role because here we go from product manufacturer to end user.

We research things like how many people are facing this problem, the durability of the product, brand assurance, service stores, etc.


We try different ways to fix the issue. Some work and some don’t but we will find the reason for both cases.

Fix the Issue

Fix the issues by applying the proper method and test the computer again to find out how it is working. It is just like a recheck.

If everything goes well, then we will move to the next step.

Share Knowledge

In this step, we are sharing knowledge through our website (GeekAshu), YouTube, and other social platforms.

It is based on the topic on which platform it is going to share.

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