Best Laptop Brands in India [2023]

I’ve been using various branded laptops and have the experience to suggest the best laptop based on the type of usage. Here on this page, you are going to find the list of the top laptop brands in India. Along with that, I can share my practical experience. After that, it is good to pick the best brand for you.

You may get the best brand like Apple when you put a lot of money on the table. But, if you don’t know how to use the device and its specifications properly, all the invested money on your laptop will be wasted.

Let’s say you are a 12th-standard student, and you need a laptop to find the best colleges around your city or country-wide. In that case, a medium-budget laptop anywhere between 30K to 50K is best for you. Of course, you can watch movies, listen to online classes, improve your keyboard typing skills, etc. Irrespective of this, if you buy a MacBook Pro that costs around 2L is a complete waste of money.

So, when should you use a MacBook or other high-budget PCs? In the next couple of minutes, you are going to find the answer to this. Just keep reading.

best laptop brands in india
best laptop brands in India

HP – For Students and Office Work

HP laptops are the highest-selling laptops these days in India. They are simple, efficient, and value for money.

HP is undoubtedly the best brand to choose from, especially for students and working employees. You can easily find HP stores and service centers in almost all the cities in India. Also, they provide helpful articles on their official site to guide you to fix the issues on your HP laptops.

Here I highlighted the brand that is best for students and working employees but that doesn’t mean HP is not good for gaming. Models like Pavilion, OMEN, etc are best for gaming. 

Coming to the price range, HP laptops cost anywhere between Rs.22,000 to Rs. 5,00,000. 

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Dell – For Normal Use like Online Classes, Programming, etc

Right now Dell is the second most selling brand in India. I hear from many people in my circle that Dell laptops are bulky. The fact is, Dell doesn’t compromise on product quality. In the process of maintaining product quality, the weight of the product will get higher compared to the other brands. As time is passing, Dell has optimized their products and now they are good to recommend for various types of work like students, gaming, editing, office, etc.

Dell support center is one of the best features that they provide. Through this service, you can contact them if you want or get virtual help from an assistant.

Models like Alienware, and G-series are best for gaming. In 2020, Dell Alienware took awarded by the Digital Terminal as the best gaming brand.

The price of the Dell laptops is based on the features you want in them. However, the least price is Rs. 22,000 to Rs. 3,00,000.

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Lenovo – Cheap and Best Laptop Brand

Lenovo ThinkPad is the first laptop I used when I was in school. I don’t have an idea about the specific model I used. But I still remember that I played my favorite game Prince of Persia on that. 

The Lenovo laptops are cheap products compared to the other branded ones and they are efficient too.

I thought Lenovo wouldn’t survive because of the tough competition from Dell, HP, and other brands. But they strategically maintain their entity with the approach “Cheap and Best”.

Now, you can find a lot of models with thin designs, gaming beasts, etc.

They provide support and service through their official site. However, you can easily find the Lenovo service centers here and there.

The popular models from Lenovo are ThinkPad and Legion.

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Asus – Good For Gamers, Programmers, Editors

Asus laptops are so popular because of their design and features. Along with laptops, the Asus company manufactures mobiles, motherboards, graphic cards, gaming headphones, etc.

These laptops come in a variety of usage types like thin design, gaming, professional, etc. Especially for gaming, they have a unique model called Asus ROG (Republic Of Gaming). The model name itself tells about the device and its potential in gaming.

tuf gaming laptop
ASUS TUF gaming laptop

If you are a gamer, undoubtedly, this could be the best option for you. But, the cost is high compared to normal gaming laptops from other brands. The Asus ROG model laptops cost around 1.5L to 2L.

Their support and service are also good. You can easily contact their local service center. So, there is no issue in that aspect.

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MSI – Brand For Gamers Especially

Looking for a brand, especially for gamers? Then the MSI laptops are best for you.

This brand mainly focuses on gamers and gaming. You can’t find their brand in the mobile industry like ASUS ROG. Because it is a gaming PC, the laptop’s standby time is very less compared to normal laptops.

msi laptop
MSI laptop

The company MSI can provide gaming monitors, Keyboard, and Mouse, motherboards for desktop computers, etc. The sad thing is that they offer particular things to some locations only.

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Acer – Budget Piece, Gaming Beast, and Editors Choice

Acer laptops are the budget laptops after Lenovo. The Nitro series is the budget gaming beast from Acer. Compared to Lenovo and HP, the local physical stores are fewer for Acer customers.

You can find the help and online service on their site. A couple of years back, Acer Predator was listed as the best gaming laptop in the world.

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Microsoft – ‘A’ Grade Device For Professional Users

Microsoft is the best and most popular at designing the operating system called Windows. But in the process of expanding their business, they entered the mobile and laptop market. Due to the heavy competition and outdated features, Microsoft mobiles are not preferred by users.

But in the computer market, Microsoft enhances its uniqueness. Now Microsoft laptops are the costliest laptops along with Apple. 

Microsoft laptops are professional devices that are specially made for professionals. Even though gaming and online streaming are a type of profession, Microsoft laptops are not made for this type of work particularly. However, there is nothing wrong with playing games when you have free time.

The Microsoft Surface laptops cost anywhere from Rs. 50,000 to Rs. 3,00,000. These products are completely valued for money.

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Apple – A Brand With Uniqueness and Efficiency

Unlike Windows, Apple laptops are working with macOS. This shows your uniqueness among your colleagues, friends, and family.

The main advantage of Apple products is that they keep you connected and in sync with the Apple eco-system which means you can access your mobile data on your PC, and the PC data on the iPad, etc. You must have the same account on all your Apple devices, then only the products can sync all over.

Like the OneDrive cloud storage in the Windows operating system, Apple has a cloud network name iCloud. You can get 5GB of cloud storage for free with the account sign-up. If you need more than that, you have to pay either monthly or yearly.

Apple products are highly recommended for professionals like programmers, VFX artists, filmmakers, business professionals, actors, actresses, etc. Security is also the primary reason that most professionals choose Apple products for their work.

If you don’t want to get into the Apple ecosystem, then the single Apple laptop won’t work great for you. The full potential of Apple devices hides in their network of devices.

However, it is not good to recommend buying an Apple laptop for online classes, gaming, watching movies, chit-chatting with friends and family, and other small (unprofessional) work.

When you truly become a master in a particular profession, then the Apple laptop will do great for you.

As a Steve Jobs follower, I like using Apple products and being in their ecosystem.

Should I Choose Other Brands That Are Not on the List?

Of course, there is no rule to using the listed branded products. But before going to choose the other brands that are not on the list, make sure they are good and efficient for your work. If you don’t find the service centers for those laptops, then you’ll get a problem when there is an issue raised with your laptop.

GeekAshu is here to find and fix your PC problems by yourself. But in some worst cases, you must go to the local PC repair service center. In that case, I recommend you go to the represented company service center. I have various strong reasons for this. The company service is far better than the local PC repair shop. I get you this thing with a complete comparison with an article.


These are my best-recommended brands for you. If I miss any potential brand that needs to know all of us, let me know with your comment.

The laptop is a delicate device, and yet it has potential. There is no rule that a student wouldn’t use MSI, Microsoft, Apple, or other branded laptops. But here the thing is money matters. If you buy the costliest laptop without proper use of it, then it is a waste of money.

However, the computer is a compulsory electronic device in the present generation. So I recommend you to have the system with you and gain knowledge in your field. Here you can find the uses of the computer and explain its potentiality.