3 Ways to Charge a Laptop Without Charger

You don’t have a laptop charger with you? Is your laptop charger not working or just you lost it? Whatever the reason might be, you just need to know how to charge your laptop without a charger.

This page exactly tells you all the possible ways we have.

I suggest you use a quality charger for your laptop for healthy battery life and to avoid hardware problems. You can use another charger of the same type or buy a new one.

If the situation demands and you particularly want to charge your laptop without a charger, then the following list will help you.

Use Power Bank to Charge Your Laptop

We can charge a laptop by using power banks just like we do for mobile.

The laptop battery capacity is high when compared to the mobile. So we need more power from the source like power banks. That’s why I recommend at least 15000 mAh is good for power banks to charge laptops.

You can Charge through Type-C Port

To use the type-C port on your laptop for charging, your laptop must have the one itself.

We need a device almost like a power bank called a power delivery charger. It stores current just like power banks do and we can carry them anywhere.

That’s why they are suggestible to use to charge your laptop if necessary.

Charge Your Laptop With HDMI

In general, the HDMI port is for data or signal transferring. But in some worst cases, an HDMI port is useful for charging a laptop.

Compared to other methods, charging via HDMI port is not effective and means very slow charging. 

Here is a guide on how to charge a laptop with HDMI.