Computer Accessories – [A to Z Guide]

The computer is an efficient electronic device, we all know that. But the elements or accessories we are discussing today will enhance its performance and usability. Don’t know what computer accessories mean? No problem, here on this page you are going to find the complete information about the computer accessories and their good usage techniques.

Do you have a mobile phone with you? I guess your answer is yes. Does your mobile phone protect by the pouch and tempered glass? Let’s say the answer is yes. Here the pouch and the tempered glass are the accessories for your mobile phone. Just like this, computer accessories also exist.

What is Computer Accessory?

The external devices we use for a computer to enhance its performance are called computer accessories. These are completely optional devices whether you use them or not. Some of them are Pen drives, Wi-Fi adapters, Bluetooth adapters, Microphones, USB hubs, Mouse pads, laptop cooling pads, etc.

Nowadays, there are many computer accessories available in the market. Each accessory has its unique purpose. And it is completely our wish whether to use them or not.

I want you to read the list of computer parts to find out about the optional and compulsory parts of the computer.

Now, let’s see the list of computer accessories along with their usage on a computer.

Mouse Pad

The pad is designed particularly for mouse movement. This is best for those who are using their computers on an uneven surface. Sometimes, the mouse couldn’t work properly even when the surface was too smooth. In such cases, you need a mouse pad for your computer.

The cost of a mouse pad can be decided based on its features, like palm rest, type of material, color, warranty, durability, etc. However, the average cost of a mouse pad is around $3 to $5.

Wi-Fi Adapter

A device or a chip is used to connect a computer to the internet. When your motherboard has built-in Wi-Fi, then you don’t need this device. To find whether your motherboard has built-in Wi-Fi or not, you need to know the motherboard model of your computer. Then search for it on Google to find its specifications.

Based on the speed it is providing, the Wi-Fi adapter can cost around $20. The adapter can be used for both desktop and laptop computers.

wifi and bluetooth adapters
Wi-Fi and Bluetooth Adapters on the CPU

Here is the list of guides on the Wi-Fi adapter.

Bluetooth Adapter

Just like the Wi-Fi adapter, the Bluetooth adapter’s purpose in a computer is to create a Bluetooth network. So that all the slave devices can connect with the computer. The Bluetooth device is unnecessary if you are not using any Bluetooth devices.

However, the cost of a Bluetooth adapter is around $15. Make sure the device supports the latest version before buying it.


Are you a music lover like me? If yes, then you must have this device ‘headphones’ on your PC setup. Of course, this device is compulsory for gamers and streamers. But for normal PC uses, this is completely optional.

Headphones are the better option when you are using a desktop computer. It costs around $50 and the price will vary based on the features.


The earphones are the better option when you have a laptop computer. Unlike a desktop computer, the laptop device is portable, so carrying headphones here is a bit hard. This is where earphones came from. 

The earphones work better for listening to music, video chatting, office work, etc. When compared to the headphones, the earphone’s costs should be less.


These are all the computer accessories that we commonly use here or there. I recommend you use these accessories if necessary. I’m sure these will help a lot to improve your work potential. If I miss something to place here, I’m happy for you to let me know.