Computer Monitor – [A to Z Guide]

Do you know? In the early stage of computers, there are no monitors. And computers are being used for only calculation purpose.

But now, the monitor is an important device in a computer. It is being evolved from Cathode Ray Tube to curved displays. All the latest technology in monitors is very helpful in various professions like gaming, editing, designing, etc.

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Are you reading this on your monitor? Then, I have a question for you. Can you use your computer without monitor? I guess your answer is ‘NO.’ Because there is no way to use a computer without a monitor.


First, let’s see the traditional definition of a computer monitor.

A computer monitor can display the output which is coming from the CPU where the input data is being processed. The output data is varied from time to time like calculations, watching movies, playing games, etc.

Here are the topics you need to know about a monitor.

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