9 Computer Uses & Cons Explained

We are in a digital world in which we use computers daily. Of course, the computer is very much useful to make our lives better. Here, this page will let you know the complete usage techniques of a computer along with the drawbacks.

First, you need to know what a computer means.

A computer is an electronic device or machine that can work with the programmable instructions given by humans. No doubt, computers have more work potential than humans and so we are using them.

ASUS laptop

A computer contains many components like a motherboard, processor, monitor, keyboard, fans, etc. With all these components, the computer works systematically.

I did my best to let you know the working of a computer here.

Now, we need to look at how the computer is useful.

Computers are useful for taking online classes, watching movies, researching something, programming, designing, video, and audio editing, blogging, etc. However, the list has no end because the manufacturers upgrade the computers to fit for the generations to use.

You can find computers in almost every field on the planet.

Computers are being used in outer space too. For example, there must be highly professional and efficient computers present in the International Space Station to record and analyze data and send it to national space agencies.

Let’s see from the ground.

Domestic Use –

Nowadays, there must be a computer in almost every home. A computer is a necessary equipment to use for all humans at some point. And if a single person uses a desktop PC or laptop, then it is called his/her Personal Computer.

In domestic usage (general use), computers are mainly used for education and entertainment

Education or Student use

For students, computers are useful for taking online classes, practicing typing, getting awareness of the internet world, making projects, applying for jobs, etc. You can also gain knowledge in your interested fields like editing, programming, understanding business techniques, etc.

Of course, you can learn whatever you want from your computer. And it is possible only when the computer is connected to the internet. The internet is a network of computers. 

Entertainment use

There is no age restriction to get entertainment from your PC. As a blogger, I get tired when putting hours and hours into researching computers and writing articles.

To get relief from this, I watch web series on my PC. Game of Thrones is one of my favorite shows.

There is nothing wrong with getting some entertainment from your PC by watching YouTube videos, Netflix series, Music, podcast episodes, etc. Here you can find the importance of a monitor on a computer.

Commercial or Professional Use –

Are you using your PC for office work at your home? – It is a type of professional use.

If you are using any computer for your work, then it is called professional usage of the computer. Let’s say, I have a mart. And I’m using two computers in my mart, one for billing and the other for surveillance. Because these computers are used for professional purposes, I call them professional computers.

Not only in a mart but in small local businesses to the top Multinational Companies MNCs, all the computers are being called professional computers. Because they work for a particular profession. 

Just because Apple laptops or iMacs have high-level features doesn’t mean we can only call them professional computers.

A small local business doesn’t require a 4K display. Right? 

Remember, professional computers are being called because of the type of use, not because of their features.

Industrial Use –

Computers are being used in industries because of their speed and accuracy.

In industry, the count of the number of workers is high. So, for normal humans, it is hard to collect and store all the workers’ data. But computers do this job efficiently.

And those who are running an industry will save a lot of money by reducing the number of workers in the field.

Using computers in the industry will save money and time with speed and accuracy.

Use for Security –

The computer secures information in a lot of ways.

For normal users, the security levels of an Operating System like ‘Windows Security’ are enough to protect your data with the help of a strong password.

For mid-range protection, you can use software like McAfee, K7, Bitdefender, etc.

All government and private companies need high-level security to protect the data. In this area, normal software protection is not enough, and that’s why they all assigned various security-providing companies to protect their data.

These companies provide security by using high-level programming skills. And they cost Millions based on the level of security they are providing.

Software Development –

Let’s take Photoshop as an example. If you are using Photoshop from 2010 to now, you’ll find the difference in the interface and the features. This improvement of software is called software development.

We use no other machine in the world for software development except a computer.

We use various programming languages like C, C++, Java, Python, etc, to communicate or instruct a computer. A computer can create all the apps in front of your eyes with the help of these programming languages. Of course, without human knowledge or commands, it is not possible.

Google, Amazon, Apple, Facebook, Twitter, etc, all are on the list.

When you want to create software, you need a computer. And to develop software, you need a computer.

Computers matter a lot when it comes to designing and developing software. Microsoft OS, Mac OS, Android OS, camera OS, etc, are not exceptional.

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Hardware designing –

The computer doesn’t stop with software. In designing a product like a fridge, keyboard, bike, car, etc, a computer and the required software in it makes the work simple.

Designing with the help of a computer is becoming traditional, from small house construction to major government and private projects.

Scientific Research –

We know – Science tells the truth.

As a part of the research, scientists record all the required data and analyze it. Even though they are geniuses, it took some time for them to analyze the data. But with the help of a computer, they can save time and do the research in-depth.

If these machines have existed for centuries before, scientists like Galileo will get enough credit.

When it comes to rocket science, computers are like the heart of space agencies. Scientists create Rovers that can land on Mars by themselves (without any human control). This happens because of computer science technology.

Computers are not the only thing to get credit for this achievement. But they play a key role here.

However, the list has no end, as technology improves, computer usage will increase.

PC component manufacturers like IBM, ASUS, Apple, Microsoft, etc, will bring new designs with new features. Here you can find the list of PC components on a computer.

All these positive things are good. But, what about the other side or drawbacks of computers?

Drawbacks in computer use

When you are in a profession where you can work with your computer, it will bring some problems to you.

Health issues –

Health is the primary thing that we need to care about. When you use a computer continuously, health issues like headaches, back pain, etc will occur.

You can find the list of health issues caused by a computer here.

Unemployment increasing –

A computer can do 100 people’s work in less time at a low cost. Companies and industries will care about the initial cost of their business. So there is no reason for them to choose workmen instead of an efficient computer.

Though it is good for their business, unemployment in a country will increase.

Data theft will cause an issue –

Hackers are getting smarter day by day. Your simple neglect action permits the hacker.

From a small PC to bringing data servers of famous companies like Facebook, Big basket, etc, all are facing the common problem – data theft. The Ransomware virus especially changes the fate of many companies.

And that’s why you’ll find the special feature in Windows 10 OS called ‘Ransomware protection.’ 

Your data is more valuable than you think. So don’t neglect to enable protection on your PC.

E-waste is increasing so that global warming too –

There are tons and tons of e-waste-generated every year. As I told you before, technology is being updated every day. So where will the mobiles, gadgets, laptops, PC parts, etc, go?

This e-waste took years to decompose. Until then, they will affect the atmospheric temperatures on the planet. The increased temperature will cause global warming.

This is not good for humans and other living organisms as well. We need to control e-waste as much as possible.


Okay, now you know the Pros and Cons of a computer. But you can unlock the full potential of a computer only when it is connected to the internet. The internet spread all over the world. So no need to worry about it.

If you don’t have a computer, I recommend you buy a laptop or build your desktop PC based on your requirement. Because it is worth it.

Whenever you’ll get into trouble with your PC, don’t forget that we are here to help you in fixing your PC problems. Also, subscribe to our YouTube channel to get the how-to content in video format.