CPU Without Thermal Paste – What Will Happen?

The thermal paste is a small but important component of a computer. Like all the other components, the thermal paste also has its unique purpose: heat transmission and reduction between components

Now on this page, I’m gonna tell you what will happen to the computer if it doesn’t have thermal paste in between the CPU and the stock cooler. Along with that, we’ll see the alternatives of thermal paste so that you’ll have an idea of whether you use them or not.

Does The CPU Work Without Paste On It?

no paste on cpu
no paste on the CPU

Without thermal paste in a computer, the components like the CPU and GPU will get overheated and lead to burnout within seconds. Sometimes, the computer doesn’t turn ON to prevent physical damage because of overheating.

The other components like RAM, Hard disk, etc, won’t affect much but they are also electronic devices so there should be a rise in temperature in all the CPU components.

Before the entire computer is overheating, the heat rises in the CPU will lead it to die or stop working. Here you can find the overheating temperature of a computer.

Can I Run My PC Without Thermal Paste?

There is no reason to run a computer without a thermal paste. However, if you turn ON your PC without thermal paste on it, then it will only work for a few seconds to minutes and then it will shut down automatically. In a typical situation, burnout might occur.

This is not the same for all computers. The capability of a computer to run or not without a paste is based on the hardware manufacturer. If Windows OS recognizes the high CPU temperature, it will not boot at all. This is to prevent damage to your PC.

The thermal paste is a cheap element in a computer. And it helps a lot to improve the system’s efficiency. So I recommend you must use the paste on your PC.

Adding CPU fans, installing stock coolers, and applying thermal paste all these things are for heat reduction in a computer. But why does the CPU need cooling?

Can Thermal Paste Damage the Motherboard?

There is no direct contact or relation between the motherboard and the thermal paste. However, if you apply the paste on the CPU in a bulk quantity, then it will drop on the board after you installed the stock cooler. And the paste on the board will interrupt its working. Sometimes, it damages your motherboard.

This is the reason you are suggested to add a drop of paste on the CPU. Not more or less. Even if you apply it in less quantity than the drop, computer problems like Blue Screen of Death, freezing, etc, will occur.

Also, find the other causes and symptoms of a dead motherboard.

No Thermal Paste What Else Can I Use?

According to Eeweb, you can use various materials as alternatives to a thermal paste like vaseline, toothpaste, cheese, aluminum powder, cocoa cream, etc. These elements temporarily work better. However, it is suggestible to use the original thermal paste which is coming with the stock cooler.

Here you can find complete information about the alternatives of thermal paste in a computer.

Can I Use Toothpaste As Thermal Paste

If it is compulsory to use the thermal paste alternative on your PC, then use the toothpaste rather than other elements. It holds the temperature in a better way. However, the problem is, that the toothpaste in the processor gets dried very fast. 

The toothpaste on the processor could only work for a few days around 5 to 10 days. If you are a gamer, the paste gets dried within 3 days as well. It all depends on your type of use and the load you put on your processor.

You can check the temperature of your processor with the apps core temp, Belarc advisor, etc, and find the importance of thermal paste in a computer.

Here is the thermal paste on Amazon to control the temperature of your PC. Without a doubt, use it because the computer needs it.

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