How to Create a Strong Password? [Examples & Tips]

There is a lot happening in this digital world. Famous companies like Twitter, Facebook, Big Basket, etc, are facing a problem with data leaks. In that case, it is easy to steal our data if we can’t pay attention to protect it.

Our information values a lot in this generation. Today we are going to see what the password is, and all the required information about it.

We need to provide our information in the process of account creation to access some apps, websites, etc. These are the required actions to access your account.

A password is nothing but a key to a locker. In this digital era, we use password protection to protect our data or things from others to access. We can use letters, numbers, symbols, FaceID, fingerprints, gestures, etc, to protect something like mobile, laptop, Gmail account, Apple id, etc. If we forgot these passwords two things will happen, either we create a new password or lose the data in it.

Facebook login page

A password requirement is a compulsory step in account creation on some websites. When you want to create a new Google or Gmail account, you must provide a strong password to Google and it will protect all your data with that.

This protection is not necessary for all electronic gadgets. For example, we don’t have a lock on our earphones or headphones, and there is no problem with that.

Password examples :

You can see different types of passwords in your daily life. Here you can find some examples. Based on the type of use, the strength of a password can be defined. And we can classify the examples in two ways.

Weak password: A password that can easily predict and is hackable then is called a weak password. The weak passwords are easy to remember but they are not suggestible. However, they have repeated letters, fewer characters, no special characters.



Bob’s name


abcdefg and more…

Strong password: A password with a minimum of 8 characters and numbers with small and capital letters, then it is called a strong password. It is hard to remember compared to weak passwords. But strong passwords are less hackable and they are recommended.

[email protected]


[email protected]#JrYULfg99



By comparing strong and weak passwords, we will find it is very difficult to have a strong password. Even though you are using different characters, sometimes your passwords might be weak.

So I’m suggesting that you can check your password strength here. By this, you can set a strong password to your apps, websites, accounts, devices, etc.

Is your password secure?

In the pic, you can find an example of a weak password. Here I use both Upper and lowercase letters and the password contains over 8 characters but still, it is a weak password. And the hackers can crack it in 3.37 seconds.

To avoid this, you can add all four types of characters (upper, lower, numbers, and symbols) to your password. The website that I recommend to you will help you to set a strong password.


Just think for a while. Every electronic device around is being updated. And so the security standards in it. Along with the features, the companies are focusing on privacy and security. There is a reason for it.

I’m sure none of us want to keep our files in public. If we don’t use password protection with enough standards, this is what happens.

For example, let your house be your profile. What would you do when your whole family went on a picnic? You lock your home and keep a key with you. Right? If you don’t do that, thieves might steal valuable things from your home. This is exactly what happens when you don’t set a strong password to your Gmail, Microsoft, or any other accounts.

In Windows 10 Operating System, a ransomware attack is the perfect example of data theft. Here you can find how to protect your PC from a ransomware attack.

Why do I suggest you keep different passwords on the various websites?

We have seen the importance of a password. But you need to set different passwords on different websites. The reason is when your account is hacked by someone, he/she can get access to all the data in it.

But he can’t get data on your other profile.

For example, take two accounts, your Microsoft and Google accounts. If your Microsoft account gets hacked, all the information like your OneDrive files, browsing history on Edge, etc, can be seen and accessible by the hacker. But he can’t read your emails on your Gmail account.

Because they both are two different profiles accessed by a single person (you) but provided by two different companies Microsoft and Google. They both have different data servers and protection, too. So there is no possibility to enter another room without a key.

Just in case, if you keep the same password for both Microsoft and Google, it is like a key that can unlock your entire home (all rooms). So that the hacker can read all your important emails, your contacts, location history, your wishlist on Amazon, etc.

I think you don’t want a thief to enter your home. So I suggest that you keep different passwords on various websites.

Here Google and Microsoft accounts are just my examples. In fact, they took very much care of the data that you are providing to them. So there is no need to worry about creating Google and Microsoft accounts.

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How often should I change my password?

Now you need to know how often you should change your password.

Usually, you need to change passwords of social media profiles like Facebook, Instagram, Skype, Twitter, etc, every 5 to 6 months. But important accounts like Google, Microsoft, and Apple accounts need password change every 3 months. Two-step authentication keeps your account more secure.

Just be practical, it is hard to keep changing all these passwords. So prioritize them.

If you think an account is important to you, keep changing its password at least every 6 months. Keep your Google, Microsoft, & Apple passwords in this category.

Chrome browser will help you to save your password every time when you change it. It is secure to save your password on the chrome browser. And this is one of the reasons for chrome standing on the best browsers.

The Two-step authentication will keep your account more secure and notify you whenever there is a new login to your account. You can find more about this in the coming steps.

What is a password hint?

A Password hint is a reminder to you about the password. It might be anything like name, place, date, etc. For example, ‘Bobsname2005’ is your password, so you can set 5 as your 5 or 2005 as your password hint. If you can’t remember your password, even with the password hint, then you can use the ‘Forgot password’ option.

There is less chance to click on ‘forgot password’ if you are using a password hint.

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Types of passwords:

Based on the type of use, we have different types of passwords. Let’s see what they are.

Account Password

When you are creating accounts like Gmail, Microsoft, Adobe, WPS, etc, require your passwords. If your password is not strong enough, they won’t accept it as your password.

There are so many accounts that we are using in day-to-day life. And we don’t need to enter a password every time when we are using it.

Device lock password

A password that protects our devices like mobile, computer, laptop, tab, etc, from others to access then it is considered as a device lock password.

Basically, these types of passwords are very easy to remember because they are simple and short.

Mostly, we use numerical pins like 7490, 3399, 0369, etc, which are the device passwords.

Nowadays we are using different techniques to unlock our devices with Fingerprint ID, Face ID, voice passwords, Retina Scan, etc. However, the device password is the standard method.

File protection password

The other types of passwords are used to unlock files that are being protected with a password. If you have important files on your PC or mobile or some other device, you can protect specific files with a password.

This type of protection is helpful when your friends and family members are using your devices and you don’t want them to access your files.

Be More Authentic

If you could be more authentic, then your account should be very secure. Let’s dive into deep.

Two-Step verification

Two-step verification is the process of verifying your identity in two steps. In the first step, you need to provide the username and password. And in the second step, your phone number will get a One-time password OTP, you need to enter it on the website. With this protection, hackers will not get a chance.

Even if a hacker can find your password, he/she can’t get access to your account until you paste the OTP on the site. This way your account will be more secure.

Phone number and Email

The other way to protect your account is by providing an email and a phone number. If you forgot your password by any chance, this information will help you to get back to your account.

What is ‘Forgot password?’

The ‘Forgot password’ is an option that users can click when they forgot their password. With this option, you can reset your password after pasting the OTP sent to your phone number or email. Without authentication, there is no way to get back to your account. And that’s why the recovery email and phone numbers are important.

For almost every login form, you can find the ‘Forgot Password’ option.

What to do when I forgot a password?

  • Enter your email or username
  • Enter a password that you remember. If it is right, your account will open. Otherwise, it displays ‘Incorrect password.’
  • Now click on ‘Forgot Password’
  • Enter the email or phone number to prove that the owner of the account is trying to log in
  • Your phone number will get an OTP, paste it on the site.
  • Enter the new password and re-enter the new password and click ‘Submit.’
  • Your new password will be active from now onwards and you can use it for further logins.