Does My Motherboard/PC Have Bluetooth?

When you have Bluetooth on your computer, you can connect to your headphones to listen to music, connect to your mobile phone to transfer files between them, and you can connect to other computer accessories like printers, scanners, etc, wirelessly without messing up with the cables.

All these features you can use only when your computer has Bluetooth connecting feature.

But, how to find a motherboard or computer which is having in-built Bluetooth feature? Well, you can use a Bluetooth adapter to access this feature if your computer doesn’t have built-in Bluetooth.

Buying adapters like Bluetooth and Wi-Fi is simply a waste of money without knowing about your computer and the motherboard features.

Here is a list of possible ways that you can find out whether your computer or motherboard has built-in Bluetooth or not.

Here, the computer and the motherboard are the same because if the motherboard in a computer has this feature, then we can say the computer is having built-in Bluetooth whether it is a laptop or desktop PC.

On the Motherboard Cover, Find Bluetooth Logo

If you have a desktop computer and recently brought a new motherboard for your computer, then this option is for you.

The branded motherboard manufacturer highlights the best features of the motherboard. As a part of this, you’ll find the Bluetooth logo along with the supported version on the case or cover.

However, not all motherboard manufacturers can highlight this feature. So, follow the next steps if you haven’t found this information.

If your motherboard case has the Bluetooth logo and the version it is supporting, then you can conclude that your motherboard and computer have built-in Bluetooth.

On the CPU Case, Find Bluetooth Adapter

Just in case you are using a random computer of your friends or family and want to find out whether it has a Bluetooth feature or not, then simply look at the CPU.

The CPU has a Bluetooth adapter if the motherboard in a computer can’t support Bluetooth connectivity by itself.

The following picture will let you know what Bluetooth and Wi-Fi adapters will look like on a CPU. Remember, they both look the same, but the functionality is quite different.

If you see an adapter like this on the CPU, then conclude the motherboard doesn’t have a built-in Bluetooth feature.

In the Notification Panel, Check For Bluetooth Option

On your Windows computer, the notification panel will let you know what features you have on it.

To check for Bluetooth connecting feature on your Windows computer, click on the notification icon at the bottom right. Then the notification bar will open like this.

Here we have two conditions and you can find any one of these.

  1. Either you find the Bluetooth icon
  2. Or you don’t

If the notification panel has a Bluetooth icon, it means your computer/motherboard has in-built Bluetooth. Make sure your CPU doesn’t have a Bluetooth adapter installed on it.

You can’t find the Bluetooth icon when your motherboard doesn’t have this feature.

In Windows Settings – [Devices]

In Windows settings, you can find the Bluetooth option only when your motherboard supports it. Here is how you can find the built-in Bluetooth features in a Windows computer.

Start >> Settings >> Devices >> Turn ON Bluetooth (if available)

If your PC does’t show this Bluetooth option in Windows settings, it means your PC doesn’t have this built-in feature.

From the Device Manager

From the device manager, you can find this option on your computer. First, you need to know how to access the device manager app on your computer.

Open the Windows search bar and type ‘device manager’ and then click ‘Enter.’ The device manager app page will show like this.

If your PC shows the Bluetooth option like the above image, means your computer has this feature and you can connect up to seven devices with your PC.

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