What Monitor Do I Have? Find Brand, Model, & Specs in 5 Ways.

To download the suitable drivers for your monitor, or to find its screen resolution, refresh rate, or something else, you need to know your monitor brand and its model. Well, finding the monitor brand is very easy, it is on the bottom of the screen or sometimes it is behind the screen.

Whatever the reasons you have, you need to find your monitor brand, model, and specifications. This page will help you exactly how to do it. The best thing is, with this information, you can find not only your monitor details but also whatever monitor you have in front of your eyes.

To make things clear, I suggest you find the monitor information systematically. First, you should know about the manufacturer (nothing but the brand it belongs to). Then, the model of it, and after that, you’ll easily find its specifications. Here you can find the importance of a monitor in the computer.

How to find a monitor brand or manufacturer?

The monitor brand or manufacturer is the base of the product. Based on the brand, we can expect the quality of the product. For example, Dell is one of the most popular monitor manufacturers in the market. Because of this brand awareness, the company (Dell) will add the cost to it. So all the buyers or customers would pay for it. Along with Dell, all the popular brands do this.

The companies maintain the product quality and features in reciprocal to the cost we are paying to them. The branded monitors are more efficient compared to the local or cheap ones.

Here are the ways to find the brand of a monitor.

Bottom of the monitor screen

At the bottom of the monitor screen, you can find its brand or manufacturer. The brand name should be there only if the monitor bezel has enough space. For less space on the bezel or bezel-less monitors, the brand name or logo is behind the screen.

Dell, Samsung, Asus, Lenovo, MSI, etc, are placed their logos or brand name at the bottom of the screen as you can see.

monitor brand name at the bottom of the screen
Dell and LG brand names at the bottom of the screen

On the monitor packing, you can find its brand

The local monitors may or may not have their names on the packing box. But, the monitors from popular brands must provide their brand name, model number, and specifications if possible. The placement might be different from one brand to another or from one product to another. So it is suggestible to see all sides (front, back, top, bottom, left, and right) for the monitor information.

Here on the packing of the Samsung monitor, I found this.

brand name and the model number on the monitor packing
Monitor brand and model on the product packing

When you turn ON the monitor, the brand or manufacturer will display

The other simple way to find the brand or manufacturer name of the monitor is to look at the display when you turn ON the monitor. Don’t get confused, when you turn ON the CPU, the motherboard brand will display, and when you turn ON the

monitor brand name on the screen
Brand name when the power supply is connected to the monitor

On the Windows OS display settings, the brand and its model present

In the Windows operating system, we can find a lot of good features like hibernating PCs, sleep mode, night mode, etc. Finding the monitor brand and model is also one of them. Here you can find useful tips for Windows PC users.

These are the steps you need to follow to find the monitor brand and model of your monitor.

  1. Go to the settings pages on your Windows PC
  2. Select ‘system’ among the listed options. After that, the display settings tab will show.
  3. Here you can find the information about your monitor including its brand name and model number
  4. If you have multiple displays connected to your computer, click on the hierarchy under the color profile. All the connected monitor brands with their model numbers will display.
  5. Just scroll down to the bottom of the page, and you can find an option called ‘Advanced display settings’. Click on it. The advanced display settings page will open and there also you can find the monitor information.
brand name and the model number on the Windows display settings

Your monitor settings will have its brand and model

The latest monitor has its own settings irrespective of the computer operating system. You can easily find the monitor brand and its model on these settings. For example, I have a monitor which I don’t know its brand or model or specs or anything about. Now I look for the menu buttons on the monitor, these buttons might be front or back based on the manufacturer.

On my monitor menu buttons are at the front, and I click on them. The monitor menu page will open. Along with the menu, the monitor brand and model number will display like this. 

brand with model number on the monitor settings

So with access to monitor settings, I found my monitor brand is Dell and the model number is U2412M.

Ways to find your monitor model

The above-listed ways will let you find the monitor brand or manufacturer of your computer. Now, you need to know what model it is and what type of specifications it has. For better understanding, I place the model finding ways and the specification ways differently.

Under Device Manager, select Monitors to find the model

The device manager is an app on a computer that comes with the Windows operating system. Just follow the listed steps to find the monitor model through the device manager app on your PC.

  1. Type ‘device manager‘ on the search bar. You can use the shortcut Win+S to open the search box.
  2. The system will recommend a device manager app, click on it.
  3. Select ‘monitors‘ from the list. The list contains all the devices on a computer.
  4. Double click on the option ‘monitors’. Then the list of monitors connected to your PC will display their brand names and model.
Monitor brand and model on the device manager app
Monitor brand and model on the device manager app

Monitor brand and model will be there on the product package

It is a well-known thing that a product comes with the identity of its manufacturer and model number. Computer monitors don’t have an exemption for this.

Here is an image of the Samsung monitor product package. On this, you can find the model and brand name. If you observe clearly, the brief information about the monitor like the screen size, resolution, supported frequency rate, etc (specs). 

By the way, you don’t know how to measure a computer monitor screen? Here are two simple ways that you can go through.

The display settings in Windows PC will show the monitor model

We have already discussed the monitor brand and model in the settings of the Windows computer. However, I need to mention the steps again in simple words.

Go to settings >> System >>  Display >> Advanced Display settings (Here you can find the monitor brand and model)

On your monitor settings, you’ll find its model

As I said before, you can access the monitor settings through the buttons on your monitor. When you open the monitor settings, you’ll find its model along with other information about it.

Download and install Belarc Advisor or other software

The other option I have for you to find your monitor model is by using third-party software like Belarc, Monitorinfoview, etc. I recommend you to use Belarc Advisor because you can find all the system information along with the monitor details.

Here you can download Belarc Advisor.

After downloading and installing, run it. Then the webpage will open on your default browser. On that page, you can find the information on your computer along with the display information.

Enter the code on the command prompt

Just follow the steps to display your monitor brand name and model number on the command prompt screen.

  1. Press WinKey + S to open an instant search on your Windows PC.
  2. Then type command or cmd and press enter. The command prompt will display.
  3. There you need to type the code “wmic desktopmonitor get Caption, MonitorType, MonitorManufacturer, Name”. You can simply copy and paste this code.
  4. Then press enter. Now the command page will show the result with the monitor manufacturer and the model number.
wmic desktopmonitor get Caption, MonitorType, MonitorManufacturer, Name

The result will show like this.

monitor brand and model using command prompt
monitor brand and model using the command prompt

How to find monitor specifications?

You must know about the specifications of your monitor, then only you can use the device or the monitor efficiently. For example, your monitor supports a 120Hz refresh rate. But by default, it came with the 60Hz mode. If you don’t know about this feature (120Hz mode) on your monitor, then how can you use it? And if you don’t use this feature, it is an inefficient way to use a monitor.

Hence finding the monitor specifications is important to every PC user. Here I can provide simple and efficient ways to find the specifications on your monitor.

Just Google the monitor brand and model to find its specifications

In this step, you need to use the knowledge you gained through the above information. You know how to find the monitor brand and model on a computer. Once you find this key information about the monitor, you’ll get anything and everything about your monitor within seconds in this digital world.

Just make a search on Google, Bing, or any other search engine that you like for the info about the monitor. For example, my monitor is Dell U2412M, so I can search for “Dell U2412M specifications” “Dell U2412M review” or simply “Dell U2412M”. Either way, you can get the results and click on the link or site that looks potentially or trustworthy. That’s it. You can find all the required information on their site.

The monitor manual has the complete list of specifications

Have the monitor manual with you? Well, then you don’t need to do all the time-wasting things. Just open the manual and read the English version of it. You can also read the other language that they used in the manual if you are familiar with it. There is no difference in the information on the manual with respect to the language in it.

You can find all the information like…

  • Monitor brand
  • Model
  • Refresh rate
  • Power consumption
  • Unique features
  • Available ports
  • Access guide to the monitor settings
  • Screen size and resolution, etc

These are just the examples, you can find a lot more in the monitor manual.

Behind the monitor, you can find highlighted specs of it

Some branded monitors will provide the basic specs along with the product or the monitor. To find out if your monitor is one of these, check the backside of your monitor. You may find the basic or highlight specs of your product. 

Along with the brand name and model number, you can find the system information of your monitor like the refresh rate, screen resolution, the size of the screen, the power consumption, etc. Click here to find the power consumption of your computer.

Advanced display settings in Windows PC have monitor specs

Now you know the advanced display settings have monitor information like the brand name and the model. Along with that, you can find the useful specifications of your monitor like the connected GPU, display resolution, refresh rate, etc.

advanced display settings
advanced display settings

The monitor settings indirectly show the specifications

You need to use the buttons on the monitor to access the monitor settings. In the monitor settings, you can find some features about your monitor like the modes it supports, the ports it supports, the resolutions it supports, the color and contrast it has, etc.

You won’t get to find many things about your monitor with this approach. However, something is better than nothing, so try it when you need it.


These are the best possible ways to find the monitor’s brand, model, and specifications. If you find anything to list here, feel free to share it with your comment. What is the best way you like to find your monitor information? Make your comment. Feel free to check out the difference between the monitor and the TV.

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