7 Ways to Fix No Display/Black Screen Monitor on a Computer

When you switch ON the computer, the CPU fans and the RGB lights in the CPU cabinet are working, but the monitor does not turn ON, or the monitor shows a blank screen.

If you are facing this problem, well, you came to the right place to find the solution for your blank or black screen monitor.

The computer monitor is one of the compulsory components of a computer. Without a monitor, there is no way to find what’s happening on a computer. Here you can find the importance of a monitor on a computer.

In other cases, your monitor will get the power supply but shows no signal even if you connect all the cables properly. Then you can go through the article Fix no signal to the monitor.’

A monitor with a black screen without the power supply and a monitor with the message ‘No signal’ is different. Hope you can find the difference.

Black screen monitor
Black screen Dell monitor

Let’s find out why the monitor is not turned ON.

Do you connect to the power cable?

The power cable is the only way that a monitor can get power. And with that, it can work and display the output of a computer.

Computer 3-pin power cable
3-Pin power cable

Connect the 3-pin power cable to one end of the socket and the other end to the power port on the monitor. And don’t forget to switch ON the power supply.

It is a simple task to do, but important. So check it before anything else.

You can see the power cable in the above image. It is a 3-pin power cable for the monitor and for the CPU. This pin may vary in some countries. There is nothing wrong with that. However, when you have a female port like this, check for the dust accumulated in the holes. This dust accumulation interrupts the power transmission from the source to the component. And by this, the blank or black screen occurs on your PC.

Clean the cable and the pinholes properly if you have a problem like this. Make sure to turn off the power supply and remove the power cable from the socket to avoid electric shock.

Check the cable for faults

Check for damage on the power cable like burnouts, cable damage, dust, etc. If any damage occurs to the cable, the monitor will not turn ON because of no power supply.

Sometimes cables might have small cracks, and it is hard to find all those small things on a cable. So pay attention and check the cable properly at 360° point.

You need to replace the power cable to fix the issue.

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Is your PC getting enough power supply?

All the electronics need a constant power supply. And so the computer also requires it. Here you can find how much power your PC will consume.

If there are power fluctuations, the electronics will get damaged. For example, the power system in your country is designed to work with 220 Volts, but when climate changes, the supply voltage will drop from 220 to 200 Volts around.

This slight change will significantly impact electronic devices like computers, TVs, fridges, washing machines, etc.

So when your house has a power fluctuation, the monitor will not turn ON. In such a case, you need to wait for some time until the power supply becomes normal.

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The monitor is in off mode

If the monitor is in power-off mode, then no other fix will help you to solve the issue. And the device will show a constant blank screen no matter what you do.

power button on monitor
The power button on the monitor

Press the power button on your monitor. It is simple. Right?

The monitor has low brightness and contrast

Is your monitor showing a blank screen? I am asking this because if the brightness and contrast levels are too low, then the monitor looks like a blank screen, but it isn’t.

Find the menu buttons or controls on your monitor on the left, right, front, or back and select brightness/contrast to increase the brightness.

Adjust brightness on monitor

The other way to fix the issue is by doing a ‘Factory reset‘ of your monitor.

Menu >> Other Settings >> Factory Reset

Factory reset

These settings are different from monitor to monitor. So, find the right one on your device. You can only reset the display setting if you want instead of resetting the complete monitor.

Reset display settings

Test your monitor with another one

The monitor will not turn ON when it has a problem or internal damage.

Sometimes the ports on the components like the monitor, CPU, and GPU will get damaged. In this situation, there is no way to pass the signals from one component to another, especially from GPU to monitor, and, as a result, there is no signal. If the damage severity is high, then it will spoil the component or monitor working and show a black screen.

You can’t be sure about your monitor until you test it. Replace your current monitor with another working monitor. 

If the second or replaced monitor works, then the problem is with the monitor. And you don’t have any other option except to replace it.

In the place of a monitor, you can use the TV, because both their functionalities are almost the same. Here you can find out about monitor and TV and their difference.


These are the cause for you not to turn it ON. However, you may find one or more causes of the issue.

You can find the fixes along with the causes. So I hope it helps. If there is nothing wrong, you could find it with your monitor, then it is the internal damage of it. You need to consult a professional if you want to fix the internal damage to the monitor.

However, I recommend you buy the new monitor instead of fixing the old one because it is a waste of money and there is no guarantee how long the repaired monitor will work. Feel free to find the differences between a desktop PC and a laptop.