How To Fix The Blue Screen Of Death (BSOD)?

Blue screen error is one of the most common problems that a lot of desktop users are facing. Here in this post, you will find different reasons for causing the Blue screen error and the necessary steps to fix this problem on your PC.

The term ‘error’ represents the malfunctioning process in a system. And also we can call this a ‘Bug’. In the software industry, this is the most commonly used term.

Stop code on a Blue screen

The name (Blue screen error) itself says that malfunctioning is happening in a computer. And by default, every PC takes the reboot process after this error occurs.

What is a Blue screen error?

Due to the malfunctioning of hardware or software in a PC, an unwanted blue-colored screen appears on the screen with some details of error-causing issues. This is called Blue screen error or Blue Screen Of Death (BSOD). After this error appears, the system will restart automatically. You will fix this by solving the displayed issue on the Blue screen.

This is a problem that occurs in both Desktop PCs and Laptops. In most cases, desktop PCs have a high possibility of locking with this problem.

I faced this problem on my desktop PC. I did some research and applied the fixes that my PC needed. Now the problem is solved. Swipe down to get to know what my problem was. And How do I solve it?

Reasons for causing Blue screen error:

There are many reasons for causing this Blue screen error. Hardware issues occupy more space among them. However, we will see the most common errors for causing the Blue screen error and the best practices to fix them.

If you observe clearly, the Blue screen below is showing the reason ‘MEMORY MANAGEMENT’ for its appearance.

Until we fix the memory issue in this PC, the problem is repeating, and again. Sometimes, the computer shows this BSOD before displaying the Desktop. In such cases, you have no other option except to solve this issue by using your PC.

Here is the list of the most common errors shown on BSOD with fixes.

IRQL_NOT_LESS_OR_EQUALOutdated drivers or No driversCheck the latest drivers for your PC. If you add new hardware before the error appears, remove it and restart your PC.
PAGE_FAULT_IN_NON_PAGED_AREAFaulty RAM mainlyClean the RAM stick and the slot on the Motherboard
NTFS_FILE_SYSTEMHard disk defectMaintain a good temperature in a CPU case, download updates of your system drivers, Backup your system data (safe side)
MEMORY_MANAGEMENTMemory issue in the entire systemMemory issues in the entire system
CRITICAL_PROCESS_DIEDHardware and OS are not in syncEject the recently installed device, Update the drivers and BIOS
Blue Screen Of Death error codes with fixes


The stop code ‘IRQL_NOT_LESS_OR_EQUAL’ is caused by Kernel-mode device drivers that use improper addresses to read. The debugger is confused to choose and read the right one. Possibly caused by outdated drivers, faulty devices, or old BIOS.

Here is the thing that happened to me, “I tried to pair my Boat Rockerz Bluetooth headphones to my laptop. When I do that, immediately the Blue screen of death occurs. I don’t know what’s the problem with my device then.”

The problem is BIOS doesn’t support the device or Windows refused to find and install the drivers for that device.

Fix it :

  • The thing here you need to do is, make sure your PC is running with the latest version of Windows. Because it helps to fix the bugs in many cases.
  • If you have the latest version and still you get this problem, then follow the actions for updating the drivers of each component.
    • Click Windows Key + R (Shortcut for Run)
    • On the Run, type “compmgmt.msc” to open the computer management
    • Select the device manager on the list of top left (you’ll find the list of hardware parts in your PC)
    • Select each one and update the driver if available


Although there are some other causes, RAM is the primary cause for this stop code. This happened to me on my desktop PC. Whenever I turn on the PC, this error will occur.

I checked a lot of things like troubleshooting, driver updating, and providing extra cooling through fans. But none of them solve my problem.

Fix it:

One day I opened my CPU case to check if there are any hardware issues in my PC. I found the RAM sticks got rusty. Then I cleaned up the rust on RAM and the problem was solved.

If you have a problem like mine, try this simple technique to solve it.


This is a problem caused by the Hard disk in your computer. Let’s see the common reasons for this problem. Don’t ignore them.

  • Low-quality Hard disk
  • The high temperature in a CPU case
  • Outdated drivers in a Computer
  • Only 10% or less storage is available in the hard disk to use

Fix it:

You must shift to a high-quality hard disk if you are using the poor one.

Though the hard disks are mechanical drives, the temperature inside the CPU case can’t exceed the normal operating levels. Air cooling fans help you to fix this.

Outdated drivers are perfectly in sync with the computer operating system. So, update the drivers.

Less storage means a low capacity to perform. So, keep more space in drive storage.

If drivers are your problem, you can fix it by updating them. Otherwise, keep a backup of your important data on the hard disk before it corrupts.


This stop code was caused due to improper memory accessing a computer. It’s difficult to find the exact location (RAM, Hard disk, Boot storage)

Fix it:

Troubleshooting the computer helps to fix this problem. However, you need to change the storage device if it is damaged.


This is the error caused by installing external hardware like Bluetooth devices, Wi-Fi adaptors, etc.

Outdated drivers in the system are also a reason for causing this problem.

Fix it:

Eject the recently installed devices. And it’s better to check whether the device is compatible with your Operating System or not.

Update your system drivers and also check for “Software Updates” on your PC.

Note: I’ve only listed the most commonly occurring stop codes. If your stop code is on the list and you can fix it accordingly, then I’m very happy to be a part of solving your problem. But in case your stop code is not on this list, you can go through the official site of Microsoft. It may help you.

Is ‘stop code’ the same for all versions (7, 8, and 10) of Windows?

Yes, of course, the stop code error in Windows 7 is the same as the stop code in Windows 10. In fact, this is a common issue in Windows. Instead of calling it an error, consider this as a useful suggestion to fix the problem and avoid getting any severe damage to your computer.

Just think, if there is no interruption or suggestion like this, then we cannot know the problem with the hardware components in a computer and feel that everything is ok. But actually, it’s not.

What to do if the problem still exists after applying the fixes?

Most of you can solve the problem by following the above fixes. But sometimes, a blue screen error is a difficult task even after you tried many methods. In such cases, these things will help you.

Troubleshoot your PC :

PC troubleshooting can solve the issues or problems that we face on a PC. However, this does not work in every condition. You will get to know only when you do it. So, troubleshoot your PC and see whether the problem is solvable by the troubleshooting.

Sometimes, even after you fix the issues, the blue screen will raise as usual. Then troubleshooting will give you a solution. By troubleshooting, windows will analyze the latest changes in both hardware and software along with the existing problems. And helps to resolve them.

Change the computer part:

I know you are looking for a solution to a problem but do not intend to substitute it. And that’s why this is my least preferred method to solve the issue.

Replacing the computer part with the new ones means giving up a problem without solving it. Of course, we do nothing with the damaged hardware in a computer. If the old one is working properly, and still you buy the new one then it is simply a waste of money.

So, be sure whether the hardware component is working or not before replacing it.

Try these methods to avoid or control the errors

Handling a desktop PC is a bit difficult compared to laptops. However, I want to give some suggestions. These things may or may not solve your problem. But, one thing is sure, they avoid getting problems with your PC.

Provide enough cooling :

Computer cooling is the most considerable part of PCs. Because without proper cooling the CPU may overheat and lead to burnout. This is not fair, right?

With proper cooling, you will enhance the performance of the computer. And gives less chance to problems like this ‘blue screen error’.

Keep your PC clean – In and Out :

Keeping the computer clean without getting dust is not a big task. But if you ignore it, the dust in your computer will increase rapidly. This is not a good action for the computer components inside the CPU.

Most guys keep the monitor, keyboard, and CPU case (outer surface) clean. But they didn’t look inside the CPU case. Too much dust will cause a lot of problems on your PC.

Also, unwanted software from non-trusted websites will cause severe damage to your PC. I’m not saying uninstall every app and just sit like a stone. But you need to uninstall the apps that affect your PC.

By keeping hardware and software things clean, problems like blue screen errors are difficult to occur.

Keep the drivers Up-to-date:

While coming to the drivers, most of you don’t think it is serious. But, outdated drivers are not good for PCs. And they are also a reason for causing system problems like BSOD and others.

So keep up-to-date drivers on your PC. Here you can find the importance of drivers in a PC.

Conclusion :

BSOD is the most irritating problem we don’t want at all. Hope this information will help you in analyzing the issue and solving it. My bad RAM sticks cause this problem in my PC.

What is your error code info? Do comment.

If you find this information useful, share it with your friends and family members. Then they can resolve the issue without going to any local repair service center.