Why is my Computer Screen Blurry? [9 Ways to Fix]

It is hard to use a computer when it has a blurry screen. The blur monitor can make you feel less enthusiastic on your computer and probably at work.

Here on this page, you will find various tested ways to fix the blurry monitor. These methods worked for me and probably you too.

You may have one or more problems and you need to analyze that. Take the action accordingly.

Let’s get into the subject.

Clean your monitor screen

First things first. Is your monitor screen clean?

The dust on the monitor will cause a blurred screen so you can’t see the screen clearly. You can fix the issue by cleaning it.

Here Linus will get this thing in detail. Watch his video and clean the screen properly. Keep a computer screen cleaner with you and make your PC clean regularly.

If your monitor is clean, then swipe for the next one.

Download and install video card drivers

When you install the new Operating System on your computer, the screen looks fuzzy. This is because they do not have display drivers yet. The Windows OS will download the latest updates on your PC to fix this automatically.

The updates on Windows PC contain the latest stable version along with the drivers that are required on your PC.

In most cases, the Windows operating system will download suitable drivers for you. But when an error occurs by downloading or updating, you need to install the graphic card drivers manually.

Remember, the display drivers, graphic card drivers, and video card drivers are the same. Here you can find different types of drivers on a computer.

If the graphics card drivers are installed on your PC, your monitor screen looks more clear and more natural.

Here is the comparison of the monitor screens with and without graphics card drivers.

Before and after driver installation of monitor
Before and after driver installation of monitor

NVIDIA and AMD Radeon are the two popular graphics cards in the market.

Click here for the NVIDIA graphics driver.

Click here for the AMD graphics driver.

You can go through the link and select the model of your GPU and then download and install it on your PC. If your PC has driver issues, then it will get fixed after installing the driver.

The monitor screen looks blurry when the Windows default ‘Scale and layout’ settings are changed.

Windows will suggest the recommended scale and layout settings based on the hardware capability. So if they get disturbed, it looks unnatural.

How to find and fix monitor scaling?

  • Open Settings on your computer
  • Select ‘System’ then the display settings will open on your PC
  • This is what the page looks like.
Display settings on Windows PC

Under ‘scale and layout’, click on the percentage and select default or 100% recommended. Here is a guide to measuring the monitor screen.

Do the same for display resolution. The display resolution varies from monitor to monitor. Choose the recommended resolution that Windows suggests.

Here, my monitor Dell U2412M supports 1920*1200 pixel resolution. So I make it active instead of 1920*1080 or 1920*1050.

And select the display orientation as Landscape but not a portrait or flipped.

Your blurry monitor will be fixed after this.

Turn ON the Windows scaling feature

Click on the advanced scaling settings. Then the page will display.

Under ‘Fix scaling apps’ select the option ‘Let Windows try to fix apps so they are not blurry.’

A step bottom to that, you’ll find custom scaling. Windows don’t recommend this option and I do too.

If you change these settings (custom scaling) previously, clear them to default. The system needs to restart to apply these changes. Here are some tips for you (Windows PC users).

Use DisplayPort or HDMI cables

The display and HDMI cables are more efficient in performance and can transfer digital signals compared to the VGA cables, which transfer data in analog.

However, there is no need to blame the cable in this case. Use the latest technology through which you can get more from it. That’s all I mean. Go with the comparison of cables to find more.

>>Shop gold-plated DisplayPort

Reset your Monitor Settings

Sometimes your PC will show a blurred screen for no reason. In this case, you can solve the issue by resetting the display settings on your monitor.

Here is a step-by-step process to reset the monitor.

Find the buttons on your monitor and push the menu button to get the options. Then go for display settings and click on ‘Reset display settings.’

Menu >> Display Settings >> Reset display settings

If you reset the display settings, it will help to fix this issue. However, if the problem still exists, go for the factory reset or reset the complete monitor.

Menu >> Other settings >> Factory reset

The path might be different from one monitor to another. But these options exist in almost all the present-generation monitors.

Resetting the monitor is ok but how do you reset the display drivers which are installed on your Windows computer?

You can uninstall or disable the graphics card on your PC to remove the monitor history in the operating system.

Remember, uninstalling the graphics drivers and uninstalling the device from the computer are not the same.

First, we’ll go with the uninstallation of graphics drivers on your computer. Then we will look at the uninstallation of the device.

How to uninstall GPU drivers on your computer?

Through the control panel, you can easily uninstall the GPU drivers.

Search for the control panel in the search box. Click on the pop-up app control panel.

Then under programs, you’ll see an option called uninstall a program.

The page will display like this with all the installed software on your computer.

Software uninstallation
Software uninstallation

You can easily find the NVIDIA or AMD drivers through their names and logos.

Select any one of the programs and right-click on it. And then click on uninstall. If your PC needs to restart, do it. Otherwise, go for the next program in the software.

Control panel >> Program >> Uninstall a program >> Right-click on software >> click uninstall 

The graphics card software is installed with the collection of programs with it. You need to remove them one by one.

Remove the small programs first and then uninstall the main software.

Now we’ll see how to remove the GPU from your PC.

To remove the GPU from your PC, follow these steps. 

  • Move your cursor to the search box at the bottom left and type ‘device manager.’
  • The app device manager will pop up. Click on it.
  • Then select the Display adapters from the listed options. Your graphics card will display.
  • Double-click on the graphics card. The new tab will open.
  • Select the driver option from the listed menu.

It will show like this.

Uninstall GPU from your PC
Uninstall GPU from your PC

Here you can click on ‘Uninstall Device.’ Then the computer will uninstall the device for you.

Don’t worry, when you restart your computer, the device (GPU) will automatically get installed.

After restarting, search for the updates on your PC or download the latest version of graphics drivers on your computer.

Let’s hope this time the problem will get solved.

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    Use the default font size on your monitor

    The font size really matters when you are reading something.

    Now, you are reading this article because the font is convenient for you. If the font is too bold or too small, you can’t read this article properly. Right? Like this, the font size matters on our computer.

    To customize the font size on your PC, you need to open the control panel settings. To open the control panel and fix this issue, follow the below steps.

    If you have a bad font style, somewhat you may feel the monitor screen looks blurry.

    To fix this, reset the font to default.

    Go to the control panel. This time we should go to “Appearance and Personalization” and then, under fonts, click on change font settings. After that, choose “restore default font settings.”

    Control panel  >>  Appearance and Personalization >> Fonts >> Change font settings >> Restore default font settings.

    You need the right desktop wallpaper on your screen

    Last but not least, set a wallpaper that is suitable for your desktop.

    If you set a low-resolution image as your computer wallpaper, then the screen will look blurry. Change the wallpaper to a high-resolution that your monitor supports to feel better to you.

    I recommend you avoid this issue by setting the compatible pic as your screen wallpaper.

    We have seen how to find the recommended pixel resolution of your monitor on Windows OS.

    Go to sites like Pixabay, Pexels, WallpaperUp, etc, to find the best stock images for your PC.

    Replace your Monitor and Check

    Sometimes there is a chance of hardware issues inside your monitor screen. Generally, monitor hardware issues can be caused due to ants, dust, moisture, etc. Replace your current monitor with another screen at your home or office. So that you can conclude whether the problem is with the monitor or not.

    If the replaced monitor works fine, then you should use another monitor for your PC and say goodbye to the faulty one.


    Have you fixed your computer screen blurriness? I’m happy if you say yes. Otherwise, do comment on the issue. I’m happy to help you. Share your thoughts below so it can help others to find out more about the issue.

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