Computer Turns ON and Off Repeatedly? [Causes with Fixes]

Sometimes the computer performs ON and off functions repeatedly. You may don’t have any clue where the problem is and how to fix it. Don’t worry, here on this page you’ll find the complete list of causes for these repeated ON and Off actions of your computer along with the fixes.

Note: During the process of fixing your computer for the loop actions, follow the guide [PC won’t turn ON how to fix it] if you need it.

PC getting bad power supply from the source

The fluctuating power supply can cause ON and OFF loop actions of a computer. A bad power supply can damage computer components. So make sure the power source is stable.

You can check the other appliances at your home. If they are working well, then the problem is not with the power source.

Fix it:

When you feel a bad power source at home, turn off all the electronics and appliances including your PC, and wait for 30 minutes for things to become normal. Bad weather is the main cause of power fluctuations. Here you can find the relation between power and voltage.

Make a count on beep sounds while booting

A single beep sound is a good sign of your computer which means it just completes the POST (Power On Self Test) process and is ready to load the operating system.

However, the problem on a computer can be defined based on the beep sounds. Here you can find the complete list of them.

Fix it:

The list can help you find the problem on your PC based on the beep sounds. You can fix the problem accordingly.

Check the status of the powerhouse on your PC

The powerhouse is nothing but the Power Supply Unit on a computer. If there is low quality or bad PSU on your computer, all the components in it are in danger.

And it also causes problems like power On and Off repeated cycles. The internal damage of the PSU can also raise the issue.


Check the PSU for burnouts, you’ll find black spots on the PSU case. Careful, don’t open the PSU case, the internal components are harmful to handle. Even if the power supply is not connected to it, dismantling the PSU is not safe.

Fix it:

Don’t try to fix the PSU, if you find burnout on it. Just buy the new PSU and use it. I highly recommend you buy the high-watt power source.

The power button is malfunctioning

The power button is the way to turn on the computer. Is there any other way? Yes, remove the button and short-circuit the power cables.

When the power button malfunctions, the computer stays in a loop of ON and Off.

Fix it:

Disconnect the power cables from the power button and check their working condition. In the worst case, you can short-circuit the connection and turn ON your computer.

Also, check for dust on the power button and keep it clean.

Make sure you insert the 24 Pin and other connections properly

The next thing you need to be clear about is the 24 Pin power cable connector.

If the 24 Pin power cable doesn’t insert properly, the computer won’t turn ON in most cases. But in some cases, the computer is in a loop of ON and Off repeatedly. Eject the cable from the slot and insert it to fix the issue. 

Fix it:

Power pin connections

The cable insertion direction is also important. So make sure about it.

The computer peripherals might cause the problem

In the worst case, the computer peripherals like keyboard and mouse, pen drives, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth adapters, etc cause the problem.

It’s hard to find which particular components are giving trouble. So, it’s better to remove all of them for some time.

Fix it:

Just unplug or eject all the peripheral components on your computer and wait for a while around 10 minutes.

After turning ON your PC, add one after another peripheral component to your PC. If any particular component gives you trouble, you’ll find it instantly.

Avoid overheating your computer

Another major problem with the computer is overheating. When the computer temperature is greater than the operational temperature range, i.e., above 90°C. It is called computer overheating.

You can find the temperature of your computer and the causes and symptoms of overheating the computer here.

When the computer overheats, problems like Blue Screen of Death, continuous ON and Off, PC freezing, blank screen, etc, will appear.

Fix it:

  • Install more CPU fans in your case
  • Find the faulty fans and stock cooler and replace them
  • Make sure your PC has optimal airflow direction.

The motherboard short-circuits will be a cause

The improper handling of the motherboard with wet or oily hands can disturb the circuit connections on the motherboard. So the short circuits on the board will make your PC in the loop ON and Off.

Check the motherboard for any physical damage. If you find nothing like that, it is fine.

Fix it:

If you think the problem is caused because of the motherboard, then you need to replace the motherboard with the new one.

There is no chance you can fix the motherboard circuits because the motherboards come with integrated circuit technology. Only professionals can handle it with the proper equipment.

So change the board if you have a damaged one. However, you don’t fix anything yourself and waste your money.

Clean the dust on the board and see whether it is working.

Here is a guide to finding the motherboard status on your PC. Go through it.

Remove the CMOS battery on a motherboard for a while

Although your PC completes the post-process successfully, the BIOS function may have an issue keeping the PC in the loop ON and Off. Here you can find how to access BIOS on your PC.

Fix it:

Turn off your computer and remove the CMOS battery on your motherboard and wait for 5 to 10 minutes. In the meantime, the battery resets the programs in it.

This method works sometimes, hope this will work for you.

Make sure dust is not accumulated in the pins

Make sure pins from the PSU are not accumulated with the dust because if the dust exists in the pin slot the connection is not possible between the PSU and the motherboard. So the problem will arise.

Fix it:

Keep your PC clean and check the slot before connecting.

Analyze your PC with peace of mind

These are the possible ways that you can fix your PC ON and Off repeatedly. If you are tired of fixing the problem, take a break.

Remember, sometimes a simple mistake can cause a problem so analyze your PC with peace of mind.

Remove the dust, insert the pins properly in the right direction, and find if there are any short circuits.

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