Monitor USB Ports Not Working – [3 Ways to Fix]

The monitor USB ports are useful for connecting USB drives to your monitor directly without the CPU. However, you can use these ports even while using your computer.

Now your monitor USB ports are not working. Right? Here you’ll find all the causes along with the fixes.

There are different types of USB ports on a monitor from USB type-A to type-C and all the various versions for these models. Sometimes, there are no issues with the port, just you need to turn ON the port.

Let’s find out all the things in detail.

Use Another Port on Your Monitor or CPU

How sure are you about the USB port you are using on the monitor? Sometimes, the ports are not working because of pin damage; it is because of the lack of quality by the monitor manufacturer.

In this case, you can use another port on the monitor or on the CPU. You can use the USB hub to extend the ports on your device.

Avoid Loose Connection

Have you inserted the cable or drive properly in the port? Sometimes, a loose connection makes the device not work.

Just unplug the device and insert it again inside the port.

Clean the Dust Accumulation on the USB Port

When you are not using your device for a while or at least the ports, this problem (dust accumulation) will arise.

Clean the USB ports on the monitor properly, then use it. It works if your device has a problem with the dust.

You can use the monitor ports without having any issues by applying these fixes. However, using the USB ports on the CPU is more comfortable than the monitor. You can plug and unplug the device easily, and also add or remove the extension hub as required.