How To Reset A Monitor? [All Brands Explained]

If your monitor is having trouble working, the factory reset option will help to fix the issue in some cases. However, resetting the monitor doesn’t fix any hardware issues inside the monitor.

Here I’m gonna tell you how to reset your monitor. I’m gonna cover all the branded monitors like Dell, LG, HP, Lenovo, Samsung, Acer, Benq, Asus, AOC, etc.

You just need to find what brand monitor you have and find the required resetting information on this page.

factory reset of a monitor
factory reset of a monitor

What Does Factory Reset Means On Monitor?

The factory reset of a monitor is an option to clear all the existing or saved settings and make them default like the new one. Mostly, this option is useful when the device is not working correctly.

Most electronic devices have a ‘factory reset’ or ‘reset’ option including mobiles, laptops, desktops, washing machines, calculators, etc.

Wherever you can find this option ‘reset’ the purpose is the same – change all the settings to default.

Reset and Restart are two different terms. You know what reset means with the above information, restart means an option in a Windows computer that can close all the running apps, shut down the computer and again restart the machine without your action of pressing the power button.

How to Reset Monitor Settings Windows 10?

First, let’s see how to reset a monitor on a Windows computer.

In a Windows computer, resetting a monitor means changing all the required Windows settings like themes, fonts, aspect ratio, fixing driver issues, etc. Your computer must have the latest version of Windows to apply these changes.

Here we have the option to reset monitor settings on a Windows computer – Resetting a Windows computer.

How to Reset a Windows Computer to Change Monitor Settings to Default?

Monitor settings are a part of the entire computer settings. However, if you want to use this option, you’ll lose your app data on your computer.

You can also include your personal files to remove. If you think your personal data is junk and want to reset storage drives on your computer. Here you can find a guide on how to make a disk partition on a Windows computer.

Steps to Reset A Windows Computer

  1. Go to the Windows settings. Use shortcut Windows Key + I
  2. Choose Update & Security
  3. And then select Recovery under that
  4. Under Reset This PC, click on Get Started
  5. Choose Keep My Files if you want to keep the files on your disk drives
  6. Then select Local Reinstall. This means the computer can take the OS files from storage on your device.

By this, you can reset your Windows computer. Along with all the other settings, the monitor settings also changed to default.

There is a problem here – Why should you reset your entire computer just for the sake of a monitor? That’s why I recommend you should go to monitor settings instead of Windows to reset your monitor.

Here are popular branded monitors resetting processes.

How to Reset Dell Monitor?

Resetting a Dell monitor is easy. All you have to do is find the menu buttons on your monitor and follow the steps I’m listing here.

Step 1. Press the Menu button

menu of a dell monitor
Menu of a Dell monitor

Step 2. Choose the Main Menu or Menu among the listed option

how to reset dell monitor step 2
Select Menu

Step 3. Select Other Settings here

Step 4. Now select Factory Reset by using the arrow buttons

how to reset dell monitor step 3
Choose Factory Reset

Step 5. Press the Confirm button to choose the option. Then a pop-up will appear for confirmation.

Step 6. Now select Yes to reset your monitor.

factory reset of a monitor
factory reset of a monitor