How to Take Screenshot on a PC? [5 Easy Ways]

In this generation, we are using computers for almost every work. A student can use the computer for listening classes, an employee doing his work, engineers doing projects with the help of computers, and more…

During our work, we may find some important moments. And it is good to save those valuable moments in a single tap. Now, on this page, we are going to see different methods to take screenshots on a laptop.

Just because I mentioned a laptop doesn’t mean these methods are only useful for laptop users. The different types we are going to discuss are applicable for both desktop and laptop users.

However, this content is strictly useful for users with Windows Operating System on their PCs. If you are one of them, just swipe down…

What is a Screenshot?

A screenshot is nothing but a screen capture on a digital electronic device. We can use different shortcuts based on the device to capture the screen. A mobile phone has a gesture (3 finger swipe) to take a screenshot. In PCs, we use shortcut keys like Print Screen, Windows Key + Print Screen, etc to capture the screen. However, we can capture the selected area if we want.

Not all digital electronic devices have this feature. For example, TVs, monitors, etc, don’t have this feature.

A few years later, the screenshot is an optional feature of mobiles and computers. But now, it is one of the most required features.

1. Print Screen: (Save on OneDrive)

This is a one-tap feature in Windows 10. You can find a button called ‘Print Screen’ on your keyboard. Its main purpose is to take screenshots on your PC.

When you click on the ‘Print Screen’ button on your new PC, your OneDrive account will open. If you haven’t logged into your OneDrive account, it will ask you to log in. Sign-up with a new account if you don’t have an existing one.

When your file is saved on OneDrive, you will get a notification like this

You need to log in to your OneDrive account because all the screenshots that you are taking on your PC will save on your OneDrive account. Here you have a limitation that Microsoft is providing only 5 GB of cloud storage. If your storage limit exceeds 5GB, you need to go with the paid plan.

All the screenshot images will save in PNG format on OneDrive. So, there is no need to worry about the picture quality.

The other major advantage is all the images you saved on your drive will last forever means you can access these images at any time on any device. But you need to remember your Microsoft account.

Use this 5 GB storage for the most valuable picture. In OneDrive cloud storage you can use the vault feature. So that no one can see your personal screenshots or images.

Where can I find my OneDrive files?

In Windows 10 OS, there is a separate section for OneDrive where you can find all the files on your cloud storage.

The drive files can sync with all your devices. However, on your computer, you can find OneDrive files.

OneDrive files on your PC

2. Alt + Print Screen: (Autosave to OneDrive)

This is another shortcut to take a screenshot on your PC and save those images on your OneDrive folder automatically. You can use Alt + Print Screen and its function is the same as Print Screen.

There is not much difference between the Print Screen and Alt + Print Screen actions. I recommend you to use a single keyboard key ‘Print Screen.’ But remember, without the internet connection, these images will not sync with your OneDrive account.

3. Windows Key + Print Screen: (Save on your local storage)

When you use the ‘Windows Key + Print Screen‘ shortcut, the screen of your PC will get captured and it will save on your local storage device like Hard disk, SSD, etc.

In this mode, you can’t select a specific part of a screen to get captured. The entire screen will get saved in an image format.

Where do my screenshots save?

The Windows Operating System provides some common file locations to all users like Downloads, Pictures, Music, etc. By default, the screenshot images on your PC will be saved to the Pictures folder. So that every one of us can access our files easily without confusion.

Screenshots location on my PC // This PC >> Pictures >> Screenshots

If you want, you can copy or cut those images to other locations. All the screenshot images with this shortcut key will be saved to JPG format. This is the universal image format that everyone uses.

However, these images can’t be saved on your drive storage automatically. If you want, you can upload it manually. Hence, this key (Windows Key + Print Screen) is useful for temporary and unimportant files.

4. Windows Key + G : (Save a shot on your Game)

This shortcut key is useful for gamers who want to save their game screen while they are playing. This is an Xbox special feature for gamers in Windows 10. You can’t find this feature in Windows 8.1, 8, and 7 OSs.

You can use another shortcut key to perform the same action that is (Windows Key + Alt + Print Screen)

Xbox controls

The default file location of these images is on your profile on a PC, which you are using. However, you can set the file location where you want to save these screenshots.

The Xbox is a gaming console from Microsoft. So, the company provides almost all features for gamers and live streamers. You can record videos, adjust sounds, change file locations, and more possibly by features in it.

If you are a gamer, you must have a look at these features. You may like it.

5. Windows Key + Shift + S : (Snip your screen)

This is another most useful tool in Windows to take screenshots. In this area, we use an application called ‘Snip & Sketch.’ The ‘Windows Key + Shift + S‘ is the shortcut key to open snipping tools on your PC instantly.

Snip & Sketch app in the start menu

When the tools open, you can select a specific area that you want to save. If you want, you can select an entire screen.

You can find the same tool on your notification panel with ‘Screen Snip.’ After clicking on it, the dim screen will open with some tools and there you can select an area on your screen.

You have full control of the area that you are selected. The Snip & Sketch tool will preview the image file before going to save it. And you can select the image format as JPG, PNG, or GIF. The file location is also your wish.

You can edit these screenshots and add some paint or crop an image or make a duplicate of the same image.

If you want to save a part of your screen, this tool is very much useful.


Knowing about these methods of taking screenshots is very useful because now you find different smart ways to keep your valuable screenshots.

If you want, you can upload your files on Google Drive, Dropbox, and other cloud storage. All these are free cloud services. So you don’t need to compromise with the OneDrive storage that is only 5GB.

I use all these types of screenshots based on the situation except gaming because I spent very little time on gaming.

Hope you like this useful information. If so, drop your mail to get informative content like this to your inbox.