Laptop – [A to Z Guide]

The laptop is one of the most used electronic devices we use in our day-to-day lives. Today, on this page you are going to find everything about laptops.

This is an A to Z Guide from GeekAshu. We are proudly heads-up that our A to Z guides are most useful and resourceful to readers like you.

First, let’s see the traditional definition of a laptop.

ns macbook air

What is a Laptop?

A laptop is nothing but a portable computer that we use to keep on our lap and work. An average laptop can weigh around 800g to 1 kg and some laptops might be 1.2 kg or even higher.

It’s not all about weight, but also display, processor, build quality, ports, cooling system, etc. This page will explain all the details you need in detail.

Knowledge Guides on Laptop

Buying Guides

Laptop How-To Guides

Troubleshoot Guides of a Laptop

Useful Laptop Tips & Tricks

In case we miss something to cover, here is the guide you can go through.