How To Measure a Computer Screen? [With Images]

Mostly you can find the measurement of a monitor screen in inches and centimeters. But how can a computer monitor be measured?

Usually, you can find the size of the monitor on the monitor manual. Sometimes, newer monitors have a sticker with their screen size. And you can find the monitor information from the monitor manufacturer’s official website (You need to know the monitor model for that).

Here are multiple ways to find your monitor model.

When it comes to measuring a monitor knowing nothing about it, we have two ways. One is a simple method using tape and the other is a small calculated task (using Pythagoras Theorem).

The information on this page will help you find the size of the monitor whether it is a new monitor or the existing one.

The monitor has various advantages. The more screen space you have, the more workspace you’ll get. Here is the list to find monitor importance.

So let’s dive into the subject.

1. Measure the monitor with Tape:

In the first method, we use tape to measure the monitor. The tape has printed measurement readings so we can easily find the exact size of the monitor.

1. A) Keep the measuring tape and the monitor

You only need two things to measure monitor size – Measuring Tape, and Monitor

1. B) Place the tape on a monitor from top-left to bottom-right (Diagonal)

Place the tape on the monitor and measure the screen (without bezel) from the top left to the bottom right or vice versa. The tape will show the exact size of the monitor.

Monitor measurement with measuring tape

Remember, you must exclude the monitor bezel then only you’ll get an accurate result.

The bezel is a surrounded or protected area around the screen of a monitor. It is not compulsory to have a bezel for every monitor. In fact, the bezel-less monitors are comparatively good.

Bezel on Monitor

1. C) Consider the result as the monitor size

The result you’ll get by using tape is almost the same as the size of the monitor by its company.

2. Use the Pythagorean Theorem [a²+b²=c²]

In the second method, we use the Pythagoras theorem to find the size of the monitor.

Dell U2412M monitor size
Dell U2412M monitor size – 24 inches

According to Pythagoras’ theorem, in a Right-angle triangle, [Hypotenuse²=Base²+Height²] => a²=b²+c²

Here you need to measure the Base and Height of the monitor to find its exact size.

My monitor (Dell U24l2M) Base = 21

Height = 13

Now, Base²+Height² = 13²+21² = 610

Hypotenuse² = 610

The size of the screen [Hypotenuse] = √610 = 24.7 inches

Compared to the computer monitor, the TV screens are big. But, what about ports and usage? 

How to measure a curved monitor?

Just like the normal monitors, the curved monitor is also measured by using tape and measuring diagonally or with the help of the Pythagoras theorem. However, the curved monitor has more screen space compared to the flat one because of the architecture.

Nowadays curved monitors also come with better price ranges and so people are interested in using them instead of the flatted ones. Especially in some professions, curved monitors are very useful in gaming, VFX editing, designing, etc.

Another best advantage of the curved monitor is it came with a thin design and is lightweight.

What size of the curved monitor is best?

The size of the monitor depends on the type of use. For example, for a gamer with a 55-inch screen, it is hard to look all over the screen. So a 30-inch curved monitor is good for gaming and a 55-inch screen is good for family or home use.

Along with the monitors, curved TVs also exist in the market. Here you can find the similarities and differences between monitors and TV.

Any curved monitor less than the 30-inch screen is not good to look at and feel. For a normal flat screen monitor, a 20-inch screen is a minimum to recommend and for curved displays, above 30-inch is good.

Precautions to take while measuring a monitor:

In the process of measuring a monitor, whether it is a flat or curved one, you need to take the precautions listed below to protect your monitor from physical damage. 

  • Keep your hands dry because the water droplets on your hands lead to damage to the monitor when they drop on it.
  • Measure when the monitor is in a standing position. It is more convenient and gives accurate results.
  • The monitor screen is delicate, don’t push hard while you are placing the tape edge on it.
  • Avoid including the bezel on the monitor to measure.
  • Record or note the readings of the base, height, or diagonal measurements instantly.

Does the size of a monitor affect the resolution?

An image looks different on two monitors with the same pixel resolution with different sizes. The small screen monitor looks better than the other one. Both size and pixel resolution matter in monitors.

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Standard monitor sizes:

Let’s look at some of the standard monitor sizes in inches and centimeters.

1” (Inch)2.54cm (Centimeters)
Monitor sizes in inches and centimeters

The standard monitor sizes are from 22” to 32” but in laptops or notebooks, the general sizes are from 13” to 18”. However, you can change the desktop monitor size but it is not possible on laptops.

Is a 32-inch computer monitor too big?

The 32-inch monitor looks and feels big for normal PC users. However, big monitors with 32-inch screens are perfectly suitable for gaming, streaming, and editing.

If you need a monitor for office use, CCTV surveillance, or online classes, then I would recommend you to buy the 32-inch monitor.

Are big-screen monitors bad for the eyes?

According to the college of Optometrists, there is no evidence that big-screen monitors affect the human eyes. But the eyes can get strained by looking at the monitor for hours continuously. However, you can use blue screen protector specs for better use.

Click here to visit their site for more information.

You can use features like Windows Night light to control the blue light from the monitor. Here you can find the tips to use Windows PC.