9 Ways to Explain Motherboard Importance

Motherboard types and functions are different from one device to another. For example, the motherboard used in the DSLR camera is not the same as the computer’s motherboard.

The motherboards are in almost all electronic devices like mobiles, computers, laptops, fridges, washing machines, etc. Today we are going to find out the importance of the motherboard in a computer.

The mainboard or motherboard in a PC is more powerful and efficient compared to other electronic devices. For generations, computer motherboards have been evolving from Baby-AT to micro ATX.

During the process of evolving, new features were added and now ATX is the latest version of the motherboard which is what we are using.

The motherboard is important in a computer because of these features…

Motherboard defines the overall system efficiency

The efficiency of a system is nothing but the ratio of output taken from the system by the given input. A machine or a system or a device that has high efficiency is able to give high output or results. This helps to decrease the cost of the device maintenance and increase its lifespan.

If the computer motherboard is not efficient, all the components connected to it are in danger and may get damaged at any time (literally the complete PC is in danger).

Don’t worry, when you want to buy a motherboard for your PC, prefer the most popular brands like ASUS, MSI, GIGABYTE, etc.

And you need to look at the reviews and ratings before buying the mainboard.

It helps to optimize power consumption

Without a motherboard, we need to make different connections from one component to another. But the printed circuit on the board makes our work easier with all the pre-defined connections. And because of the integrated circuit technology we are using, the board and its components consume less power.

BIOS pre-installation saves time

The BIOS (Basic Input & Output of a System) is the basic program or memory which helps to run the computer. The computer motherboards came with the pre-installed version of BIOS. It helps us to save time and simplify our work. Here you can find how to update BIOS on your PC.

Motherboard reduces the computer complexity

The computer is a collection of hundreds or thousands of circuit combinations. It is hard to make all these connections manually. And there is a high possibility of misconnections (short-circuits) which leads to damage to the system.

With the manual approach of circuit connections in the computer, we have a lot of disadvantages. Some of them are…

  • First, every PC user needs to know how to make connections without a motherboard on the computer. Practically it is very difficult for a normal person to understand the motherboard. So there is a chance most of the people would give up using computer technology.
  • If there is no motherboard all the components on the board will consume more space
  • Laptop invention is not possible without a motherboard
  • The weight of the system will increase and so it is difficult to shift the PC from one place to another
  • Maintenance costs will increase

To reduce the complexity of the computer, the motherboard itself has all the complex connections. And it is the main reason to find the motherboard status whether or not it is working.


The motherboard itself contains all the components like circuit connections, resistors, inductors, capacitors, transistors, etc.

On average, the computer motherboard can weigh from 500 to 1000 grams. However, gaming motherboards can weigh more compared to the normal boards with some additional features like a heatsink, RGB lights, advanced ports, built-in Wi-Fi, etc.

Nowadays boards are compact and weightless.

Optimal size

The size of the motherboard matters a lot in almost all electronic devices, especially in computers.

The normal ATX motherboard comes with 305 * 244 mm and the mini and micro ATX boards have 150 * 150 mm and 244 * 244 mm dimensions. However, there are various motherboards like BTX, ITX, etc. The good motherboard is compact and more efficient with optimal power consumption.

You can find the list of motherboards and their sizes here.

Easy to Use

With all the printed circuit connections on the board, it is a lot easier for us to use a computer motherboard. And because of the simple connect and disconnect features we don’t need to worry about the basic stuff like circuit connections, ports installation, etc.

By using the USB ports, we can easily connect and disconnect the components like keyboard and mouse, storage devices, adapters, printers, and more.

However, you need to know what to do with the motherboard and how to install it in a CPU case. You’ll find more through the following article.

Motherboard reduces the price of the computer

If there is no motherboard, we need to buy all the components on the board individually. And the hard fact is we need to connect them before using the computer. It is really a difficult task.

And along with the time consumption, the price of the system will increase. So it is a bad thing to imagine a computer without a motherboard.

When the problem occurs on the board, it is easy to replace the single component (motherboard) instead of the entire computer.

Device accessibility will improve

The mainboard in a computer is connected with all the other components. So it is easy to add or remove any damaged or unwanted component on your PC.

Motherboards play an important role in the working of computers. Of course, all the other components have their unique purpose but the motherboard is the only component that defines the entire PC efficiency.

These are the best features that we see on the present generation motherboards. However, the update is the nature of the technology. So we can see a lot more features in the coming years.

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