How To Update Your Windows 10 PC? [Step-by-Step]

Looking to update your PC? And you wanna know how to do it in a professional way? Well, you came to the right place to know.

You may hear about the term ‘update’ in many cases. But what does it mean?

A new version of the software which fixes the bugs present in its older versions and brings the new features then it is called a software update. Mobile app updates in the Google play store, Windows PC updates, Web app updates, etc, are examples.

The software developers were the reason for the software updates. The companies use software developers to get what they want like designing new software or fixing the bugs in the old software or enhancing security and user protection, etc.

Developers use different programming languages like Java, C++, Python, etc, to fix the bugs in a system.

Importance of Updates

It is not possible to use the same software for a lifetime without any updates because real-life things are going to change frequently. If you stick with a single piece of software, it may be useful for a week, for a month, or a year. After that, the software is not very helpful.

But what’s the need to update software?

  • A software update will help to fix the bugs
  • It brings the new features which are helpful to attract more users
  • The clean and up-to-date interface by removing unwanted or less used options will increase the user experience
  • Software updates lead to reducing spam

Update Your PC

We know the computer is working with the help of the Operating System installed in it. There are many Operating Systems available in the market. Among all those OSs, Windows is the most common one in use. Let’s see how to update a Windows PC step-by-step.

Though the information is suitable for all Windows users, I recommend you use Windows 10 or a later version of OS on your PC because it has many good features like Ransomware protection, Microsoft store, etc.

Before getting into the process you must be sure that you are using Windows PC then only the options used here are available to you.

To find what Operating System you are using, just press the Windows Key. The pop-up at the left bottom will appear like this.

If it works the same on your PC, it means you are a Windows user. The other method is just to look at the taskbar which is at the bottom of the screen by default. Like this.

A Windows logo at the bottom left on your screen is a clear sign that you are a Windows user.

Now you need to know how many ways you can update your Windows PC.

A lot of people believe that updating the Operating System is the only way to update a PC. But that’s not true. Here I can share multiple ways in which you can apply on your PC.

Operating System Update

Operating System is the first thing that we need to consider because it is the root of all the apps, features, security, etc. Just follow the steps to update your PC now.

  • Press the Windows Key and select the Settings icon
  • On the settings page, you need to select ‘Update & Security
  • Then click on Check for updates

Settings >> Update & Security >> Check for Updates or Resume updates

After that, your PC will download the latest updates for you. If you want, you can pause updates for a while (from a day to a month). This is not recommended. However, pausing updates is useful in some cases.

The paused updates will resume after the scheduled time or you can manually resume updates by clicking on the ‘Resume updates‘ button.

Sometimes, the optional updates need manual commands. In that case, click on the Download and Install button.

Finally, a green-colored mark is a sign that your PC is up-to-date.

Update your PC drivers

Even if your Operating System is up-to-date you may get some problems on your PC like Bluetooth connection problems, audio issues, the system can’t read the device, etc. In this case, PC drivers will stop you from using your PC smoothly (Not all cases, but in most cases).

So updating your PC drivers is really an important thing.

You don’t need to worry about where to start? Where to end? How to find PC drivers all these questions. The OS updates will solve 90% of your PC problems by installing suitable drivers for your PC.

But in some bad conditions, the system was unable to detect updates for your PC drivers. Then you need to do it manually.

Here is the step-by-step process to update your PC drivers. Click here to find the importance of drivers in a PC.

Are you seeing Type here to search at the bottom of your screen? Type the word ‘Computer‘ there. The computer management will display it to you. Click on it.

The other way to access computer management is just by right-clicking on the Windows icon.

  • In the computer management app, select ‘Device manager.’ All the devices connected to your PC are listed here.
  • Select the one that you have a problem with. For example, I have a Bluetooth connection issue so I select the Bluetooth device here. Click here to find how the Bluetooth is working.
  • A mini pop-up Windows will display like this. Here if you find ‘This device is working properly‘ means there are no hardware issues for your problem.
  • Select the option Driver and click on ‘Update driver
  • Then you need to choose how to update the driver on your PC. Mostly, searching automatically for updated driver software options is helpful. That means Windows lets you choose the best drivers for your PC to solve the issue.
  • If you have third-party software or updated driver version files, then you should go with the ‘Browse my computer for driver software

Solving an issue by updating drivers on your PC is a part of a PC update. So try it whenever you need it.

Update all your apps from Microsoft Store

Just like Google play store and App store, Microsoft brings Microsoft store to the Windows Operating System. Along with the system inbuilt apps, you can get a lot of apps from here.

If you are using outdated apps on your PC, it may slow down your system performance. You don’t want it. Right?

Here you can find how to update all the system inbuilt apps on your Windows PC. You need to have a Microsoft account to account to access this. Make sure that you have one on your PC.

  • Press the Windows Key on the keyboard or click on the Windows icon on your PC screen
  • The Microsoft store application will display like this. Click on it.
  • Click on the menu icon at the top right of your screen and select settings. There is another option called ‘Downloads and Updates’ available but I want you to turn ON the automatic updates on your PC. This helps to save time from updating each app individually.
  • Make sure you turn ON update apps automatically
  • image: auto-updates turn on

By this action, 90% of the work to keep your PC up-to-date is completed. Let’s find the last thing you need to do.

Look for a new version for third-party apps

Are you using third-party apps on your PC? I guess your answer is yes. Don’t think much, any apps you are using outside of the Microsoft store are called third-party apps.

There is nothing wrong with using third-party apps. I am using a chrome browser for my PC which is called a third-party app because it is not provided by Microsoft.

The chrome browser you downloaded from the website is a third-party app. But when you download the same chrome browser from the Microsoft store, then it is not a third-party app. Make it clear.

On your PC you may use third-party apps like Chrome, WPS, Adobe Photoshop, etc. If so, you need to keep your app up-to-date. The update process is different from one to another. But most of them will notify you to download the latest updates.

Be careful while you are using third-party apps because some apps are trustworthy and some are not. Non-trustable apps will give more harm than good. So I highly recommend you use only trustworthy apps when it comes to third-party apps.

Hope I share every possible way to update a PC. If I forgot something, let me know with your comment.

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