What Motherboard Do I Have? Find Brand, Model, & Specs in 5 Ways

The motherboard is the most important component of any electronic device, especially a computer. It can control all the other components of the computer. Today, we will see how to find the motherboard brand, model, and specifications in a computer.

After reading this article, you can find the motherboard model of any computer in front of you. But why? What’s the need to find it? Here you can find the importance of a motherboard in a computer.

These are the two main advantages that I want to highlight here. 

  • To choose compatible components for your computer
  • Analyze the overall system performance

In a computer, compatibility plays a key role. The motherboard’s main role is to connect all the compatible PC components and communicate with each other in the form of transferring signals. 
You can estimate the overall system efficiency by finding the motherboard model. Of course, the other components are also important, but the motherboard is the mother of all of them. Motherboard plays a vital role in computer work.

Here are the ways in which you can find the motherboard model on a computer.

On the System Information page, you can find the motherboard model

You just need to type ‘System information‘ in the search box in Windows 10. While you are typing the word ‘system’, Windows will suggest the system information app on the results. Open the app by clicking on it.

Click on the app (system information). A new tab will open. In this tab, you can find the required system information for your computer.

motherboard brand and model on the system information page
Motherboard brand and model

The highlighted area shows my motherboard brand ASRock and the model B450M Steel Legend. On this page, you will find your motherboard brand and model on your PC.

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On the manufacturer packing, you’ll find about the motherboard

motherboard brand Name and model on packaging
Motherboard brand and model on the package

From the above picture, you can understand that the motherboard manufacturer can print their identity (brand) with the product details (model and specification).

The branded motherboards like ASUS, MSI, Acer, etc, will definitely have their identity on the packaging. I’m not sure about the local motherboards.

Here the problem is, you may or may not have motherboard packing with you. Of course, there is no need to keep all the unwanted stuff at your home. However, if you have motherboard packing, go with it. Otherwise, follow the other steps to find the motherboard model on your PC.

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On the monitor screen, when you turn ON the computer

Before turning ON the computer switch, you need to turn ON the power supply to the computer. When the monitor gets a power supply from the source, it displays the monitor manufacturer.

After you turn ON the computer and switch on the CPU, the monitor starts to get signals from the CPU. The BIOS in a computer starts to run the POST process. In the meantime, the computer monitor will show the motherboard brand just like this.

motherboard brand on the monitor
Motherboard brand on the monitor

The motherboard itself shows the manufacturer and the model

If you observe carefully, the motherboard has its manufacturer’s name or brand on it. There is no particular location for this and you have to see all around the motherboard to find its brand and model. However, it is all the manufacturer’s wish whether to display the model number on the board or not.

Some boards even don’t have their name on them. Mostly, these are the local motherboards. If you want to buy a motherboard, I highly recommend you avoid this type of product.

By using third-party software like Belarc Advisor, CPU-Z, etc

In this method, we use third-party software called CPUID to find the motherboard information. From their site, download the CPU-Z app and install it on your PC.

(Don’t worry, it is the trusted software by many tech guys. Still, if you find any trouble in using it, you can send the feedback in the form of a Bug Report.)

motherboard brand and model in CPU-Z app
My system motherboard information on the CPU-Z app

In the above picture, you can see the motherboard model and processor as well.

You can see the listed options in the app called the motherboard, CPU, Memory, Graphics, etc. This list helps you to find out more about your system configuration.

The other software I recommend using is, “Belarc Advisor”. It is another free tool that is useful to analyze system properties. I like the features they provide.

Download and install Belarc Advisor. It’s free and safe.

Open the app after finishing the installation, it takes some time to analyze your system information and ask you to open a browser to show your system information.

On the web page, you can find an overview of your PC’s hardware and software as well. This is the cool thing that we see in this software and not in others.

Motherboard model on command prompt

The other way to know about your motherboard is through command. Follow the steps.

Type cmd and Enter the search box on the taskbar (The command prompt will open).

In the command prompt page, type “wmic baseboard get product,Manufacturer,version,serialnumber”. And it will show like this (motherboard brand and model of your PC).

motherboard details using command prompt
Motherboard brand and model using command prompt


There are some other methods to identify the motherboard model. But these are the best and easy ways to apply.

Now you can find the motherboard brand and model on any computer. Along with the compatibility, finding the motherboard and its specifications is important to find the BIOS version, motherboard features, supported drivers, etc.

Here you can find the importance of drivers and BIOS in a computer. Hope you learn something new today. If you have anything to ask, do comment. Let me know if I miss any simple technique to find the motherboard information.