What Wi-Fi Adapter Do I Have? [Multiple Ways To Find]

All the Wi-Fi adapters are not the same. Based on the brand, model, and price, the adapter features are different. So, it is necessary to find the Wi-Fi adapter model on your PC. Here you are going to know how to find the details about your adapter in multiple methods.

Here instead of just saying, I’m gonna show you each method practically to find the information about the Wi-Fi adapter.

The Wi-Fi adapter packing will have the brand name and model number

First things first, if you just brought the new device (adapter), then you can easily find the product’s information on the package cover. You can find a lot of things on the product packaging like brand name, model number, highlight features, manufacture date, installation steps, etc.

So before doing anything else, first, check the packing and also the product manual. They both have information about the adapter.

The driver’s CD has information about the product

This is an old method to find the adapter information. Nowadays, the CD having drivers is less or not in use. In replacement, the pen drives help to store and transfer the data efficiently.

Just in case, if you have the Wi-Fi adapter drivers on your CD. You can use it to find the adapter information and install the compatible drivers on your computer. Why does the computer need drivers? Click here to find it.

Advanced Internet Settings have the adapter information

In the Windows operating system, you can find a lot of good features like hibernate mode, sleep mode, etc. Along with that, the system will display the computer’s peripheral information.

Just follow the steps to find the Wi-Fi adapter model on your Windows computer.

Start >> Settings >> Network & Internet >> Change Adapter Options >> Wi-Fi >> Properties

The properties page will show what your adapter is.

Wi-Fi Adapter info
Wi-Fi Adapter info

Network Adapters under the Device Manager have the required information

The device manager is another cool thing that every Windows user will like. On the device manager, you can find a lot about your computer and its peripherals.

To access the device manager on your PC, type ‘device manager‘ on the search bar and press enter. The other way to access this is to right-click on the Windows start button, the menu will open. Select ‘Computer Management‘ among the listed options. The page will look like this.

Menu options through Windows icon
Windows Main Menu – You can see this by using the right click on the Windows icon

Under that, you can find the device manager. Click on it and do the following process.

Once you are on the device manager, double tap on the ‘Network Adapter’. Then the list of adapter drivers will display to you which includes (Bluetooth adapters and other driver software). All others are not in our discussion now. But here you can find the Wi-Fi adapter model number that you want.

wi-fi adapter information on the computer management
wi-fi adapter information on the computer management

Wi-Fi properties have information about the network adapter

There is another way to find the Wi-Fi hardware properties. In the Windows settings, we can find detailed information about the adapter. These are the steps involved in the process.

Start >> Settings >> Network & Internet >> Wi-Fi >> Hardware Properties

The properties look like this…

Network adapter info
Network adapter info

With the help of third-party software Belarc Advisor

The Belarc Advisor is third-party software that helps a lot in analyzing a computer. You can download the software for free here. The software asks you for some details like your mail id and name, then you are ready to use their service for free.

Here is what I’ve found about the adapter on my computer.

Network adapter information on the belarc advisor
Network adapter information on the Belarc advisor

These are the different methods by which you can find information about the Wi-Fi adapter on your computer. Hope this information is useful. If you have any other methods to share, let me know with your comment.