Wi-Fi Adapter vs Ethernet – Why Ethernet is the Best?

The internet is the most required thing today. We use different methods to connect to the internet. The Wi-Fi adapter and the Ethernet are the two primary ways. Here we are going to compare Wi-Fi adapter and Ethernet and find out the best among these.

The Wi-Fi adapter is a small device that is used for computers to connect to the internet. The ethernet is a cable that can transfer data between the computers. We can use the adapter whenever required but internet via ethernet is not possible for that.

internet speed test of a computer which is connected via Wi-Fi adapter
internet speed test of a computer which is connected via Wi-Fi adapter

Not just a wired and wireless one, you can find a lot more on the following comparison table.

wifi adapter and ethernet cable
Wi-Fi adapter and ethernet cable
FeatureWi-Fi AdapterEthernet
Hardware TypeA small carryable deviceThe cable with data transferring pins
Connection TypeWirelessWire
Internet Speed Range30 to 100 MBPS100 MBPS to 100 GBPS
Installed LocationUSB portEthernet port on the motherboard
PriceA few $ around $5 to $10Based on the internet service provider – $300 to $500
Supported DevicesSupports Desktop and LaptopDesktop and Laptop
Wi-Fi adapter and Ethernet comparison with different features

The internet speed range is based on different factors. Here I gave the average number that a normal computer can use. Some places like space agencies, research centers, popular institutes, etc have the highest internet speed facility i.e., around 1TBPS.

We can’t use these types of high-speed internet with the normal hardware technology like Wi-Fi adapter, and ethernet. In practice, we don’t need a 1TBPS internet connection for normal use.

Hardware Technology and Design

Inside the Wi-Fi adapter, we can find a small chip (a simple circuit board) that helps to receive the wireless internet signals in a particular bandwidth. On the other hand, the wired connection via ethernet cable provides a better signal.

 The object interruption in between the source (router) and the adapter will disturb the signal flow and make it less efficient. This problem won’t occur with the ethernet port.

Signals via Wi-Fi adapter will get disturbed even when bad climate conditions occur. During this time, the users got frustrated, especially gamers.

To overcome this issue, I suggest using the internet via an ethernet cable rather than the Wi-Fi adapter. But this suggestion helps only when you have a desktop PC or using your laptop in a stable position like a desktop.

Speed Test Comparison

Speed is the essential factor when it comes to the internet. No matter what type of technology we are using to use the internet, we want a high-speed internet connection. As I said before, the ethernet cable is much more powerful and more efficient than the Wi-Fi adapter. But how? How can we conclude it? Well, let’s do the practical test to prove this.

Here on GeekAshu, we analyze things in practice. I can give you the practical results to compare the internet speed between the adapter and the ethernet cable.

The above results will show us the best technology we can use to access the high-speed internet connection.

Wi-Fi vs Ethernet Speed – Which is Best for Gaming?

Undoubtedly, the ethernet port is the right option to choose for gamers. As we discussed above, the ethernet has various advantages over the Wi-Fi adapter. Internet speed is one of the major things to consider here. Along with that, latency is also the main thing here for gamers and streamers.

Latency is the time taken by the data which is passing from one place to another or from one computer to another. Generally, the latency is measured in milliseconds. The normal PC users won’t mind this latency period of a connection. But for gamers and online streamers, this time period is much more important.

Obviously, when the internet connection is connected to a computer through the wired network, then it is comparatively faster than the wireless network. Here you can find what the network means?

pc gaming


Here I’m just stating the facts without any bias. If you want to use high-speed internet, then the ethernet port is the best option to go with. However, unlike a desktop computer, you are moving from one place to another and need an internet connection wherever you go with your laptop, then a Wi-Fi adapter is very much useful to you.

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What technology are you using to use internet connection? Let me know with your comment. Also, find the differences between the desktop computer and the laptop.

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